Flower pic with an Ai 28mmf2 (!)

Discussion in 'Macro, Flowers, Insects, and Greenery' started by Classic_Man, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. (dedicated to Andreas Berglund & Bjorn Rorslett...tyanks for the help & inspiration, both of you)

    Just love the transition of OOF areas in this lens....not to mention its lovely bokeh:

    Taken on a windy day, no PS whatsoever.

    100% crop:
    View attachment 19703

    Look at those smooth tonal gradation, & smooth transition of in-focus to out-of-focus(OOF) areas....

    Gotta love this lens.

    Ther's one on eBay right now...get this gem while you can.

  2. I have tried twice to buy one of these on ebay and in both cases lost to an automated bidder. I am starting to hate ebay. on one of these I upped the bid (i was already high bidder) by 20.00 with one minute to go just to ward off the automated bids and STILL lost by 1.00.
    sorry for ranting, i only see red X above
  3. You need an auction sniper...

    I've never used them, but there are auction sniper tools that will submit up to the maximum bid you lay down.

    These automated programs will do so at the last 30-10seconds of the auction.

    I believe many of them have a free trial period. Try a google.

    Maybe till now I was lucky (except in my search for the Noct).

  4. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    It's a sad fact that you always will lose to someone willing to pay more than yourself. Doesn't matter whether it is an automated robot or a person, the final outcome is the same :biggrin:

    My approach is to make an automated bid with a limit I'm not willing to exceed. If I can get the bid within the limit, and nobody is willing to pay more, well, then I get my item. Otherwise, I lose, but since I didn't want to pay that much anyway, I'll guess I did win in some way nevertheless :smile:

    I once won the bid for a 400 mm f/2.8 by a margin of 1 Euro (about 1 $).
  5. C_M...These are so soft and beautiful.
  6. Melissa...

    ...glad you liked it...it's lovely even when printed (I'll send the original file if you want...with a signature as well :smile: )

    I froze motion witha 1/500s shutter speed, & waited for the wind to calm a bit, while shielding the rose with my body.

    The camera was mounted on my Gitzo CF tripod, secured to an Arca-Swiss B1 head.

    Post some of your images, Mel....you have some really nice ones on your website...


  7. I like the softness and the gentle colors in this shot! Nicely done!
  8. I would love to have the original file if you don't mind. My email is in my profile.

    Thanks for the complement on my pictures. I will get some posted after the holidays. I am going to San Francisco so I intend to have some nice ones when I come back.

    Thanks a bunch for the file,
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