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  1. I've never liked florals taken with flash. It seems to rob the blossoms of their gentle beauty. But my impression is changing now that I have an SU800 and have begun taking the flash off camera. I did these shots of a bouquet using 2 flash heads off to the side, with one of them in bounce mode.


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  2. very nice work with the lighting on these Frank!
  3. Good job on the lighting!
  4. Bob Coutant

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    May 17, 2005
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    Frank, for me, the appeal of these shots lies in the fact that you have either created or maintained delicate shadows in areas where I expect to see shading when viewing the flowers with the naked eye under normal lighting conditions.

    Very nice work.
  5. VERY nice! Heh, I remember back when you were a proud charter member of the FCAS.... (For the uninitiated: Foam Core Addict's Society)!! :smile: These are wonderful and prove that good things can be done with flash lighting after all....
  6. Gr8Tr1x

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    Nice 'vase'. Nicer lighting. Congratulations.
  7. Looks like you figured out that SU800 pretty quickly. Beautiful shots Frank.
  8. Nuteshack

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    really nice Frank ...;-))
  9. Not just a member... I was the founder, chief reviewer, and the entire Applications Committee - lol. It was great fun, and I learned a lot about photoshop in the process.

    It was really a cinch using an SU800. And having a glorious subject didn't hurt :cool:.
  10. Nice flowers. The gray bumpy background and tin can are a nice touch too.
  11. Frank, those are really well lit. The possibility to dettach the flashes from the body opens up endless possibilities. I don't have the SU-800 but trigger the flashes (R1 and SB800) with the built-in flash of the D200. The downside in comparison to the SU-800 is that I have to enter the menu each time I want to change the flash settings.

    Anyway, the results are great, almost looks as if no flash was used - same is true for your Whiskey bottle shot in the other post.

  12. There's no problem using the built-in flash as the Commander, but I never fully understood "groups and channels". The su800 simplified that stuff so well that I've finally grasped it, and now I could probably use the built-in flash. But the other advantage of the su800 is how reliably it triggers the flashes, even when their receptors are pointed in the opposite direction. IR signals must be more potent or maybe IR bounces off walls and such more efficiently than visible spectrum light.
  13. BigPixel

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    love the soup can in #1 and #2 is very fine. Great color and lighting Frank.
  14. Getting better by the days (and the SUs) I see Frank :biggrin:

    Excellent lighting setup, indeed wonderful colors :smile:
  15. Aloha, Mike! Thanks for the kind comments. The lady who gave us the bouquet runs a floral service out of her home, and grows most of the blossoms in her back and front yards. I shot a wedding with her in 2005, and here's the traditional bridal bouquet she created.


    She also does some funky stuff, which I call her Tin Can Bouquet Collection, putting arrangements into unexpected vases, like old soup cans and catsup bottles. My wife loves them, and makes sure I take a picture of them before they wilt. I just wish I could capture the aroma along with the visual. The Tin Can Bouquet that Thea gave us two years ago is framed and hanging in Nancy's office.

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