Flowers & Bees As Summer Ends

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  1. Still getting use to the 300 AFS and 1.4x converter. Thanks for C&C and for looking




  2. All are really nice but #1 just want's to jump out at me.. Can't wait until I get that lens...
  3. Thanks Tom -- it is one of my favorites also. You will enjoy the lens.
  4. David. I really love the dreamy swirly look in #1... The final with the painted lady looks fantastic too, gorgeous bokeh there. The second to last one, I think could benefit from a more interesting composition, but the blooms are really gorgeous nonetheless...
  5. Thanks Rich -- I appreciate your comments (and agree on the next to the last). I've enjoyed getting out to shoot today -- it has been awhile.
  6. very nice series, david
    i like what you've shared with us here

    well done
  7. Thanks Greg --This is a great place. I've learned so much just lurking around the various Cafe forums.
  8. Great pics - especially the 1st one.
  9. Thanks Dwayne and Neal -- I appreciate your comments.
  10. rotxlk82


    Jul 20, 2007
    I love the colours and background in no1 David, nicely done