Flowers for Dad

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  1. I noticed my Hosta's are beginning to bloom this morning. Here are a few for all the other Dads.


    Happy Father's Day!
  2. Nice, I especially like the second, shapness set right on the point!
  3. I agree with Michael about #2! Beautiful use of depth of field with no other distractions. Very nice shot! :)
  4. Jerry Snider

    Jerry Snider

    May 8, 2005
    Nice shots! The second one is excellent. However, the third one puts the flower in perspective and I like the composition. Also nice and sharp. Now if that doggone open flower had been on the left leading into the pic, I would print and frame it!!
    Shooting info?
    Jerry Snider
  5. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Gee I did not know they had flowers. I know the various leaves are beautiful..

    Thank you, very pretty.

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone. I like the second and third the best myself. Jerry you're right about the blossom in the third I just couldn't figure out how to frame it on the left side of the picture. So I decided to let it lead you out of the picture instead. Well, it was a nice experiment.

    I used the curve posted on dpreview by Andrew Raszekski in this thread:

    It took a bit of playing around with exposure compensation but anywhere between -1/3 to -1 worked great. These pictures were sharpened just a tad, resized and posted. I'm really pleased with the curve so far.
  7. Jerry Snider

    Jerry Snider

    May 8, 2005
    And a successful experiment it was, Mark. Good work on this series. Hope to get there some day.
    Jerry Snider
  8. Mark my choice 3-2-1
  9. Mark,

    I especially like #2 and #3. The detail and three-dimensional quality of the images is awesome. Excellent results from that curve too!
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