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Jun 13, 2008
Atco, NJ
I'm shooting RAW now - I really like the ability to adjust more and probably will never go back to JPG for work.

Having said that I am now getting overboard with my folder structures.
I convert to DNG and process to TIF
Tiff is then converted to JPG for submission.

I where I had one file ( JPG ) I now have :

I'm a pack rat when it comes to originals - I have not deleted any .NEF's to date but with such large files and over redundancy I'm looking to clean up my folder structure.
Just looking to see what others use and maybe I can get some ideas!
May 11, 2008
United States of America
I would choose to use either DNG or NEF. Do you convert to DNG for a specific reason? If so, maybe just keep the DNGs. If not, keep the NEFs (as you can always convert them to DNG down the road anyways). This will reduce the most clutter. I wouldn't worry so much about the TIF JPG thing (due to minimal file size of the JPGs) - but once again, you can always make the JPG from TIF if need be - so my next layoff decision would be the JPGs.

For maximum efficiency, I'd say pick DNG or NEF, and then keep the TIFs.
Mar 15, 2008
Athens, Georgia
Not sure of what your converter is, but my workflow:

Import from device (card) into LR and convert to DNG on the fly.
Cull the shots and make any adjustments.
Export out of LR into whatever format I need.

Why save the NEFs? DNGs are smaller and have the same info. Why export into anything until you need the file? Why create jpgs from tifs, its second generation production? Create jpgs from the DNGs directly for more control and better quality.
my 2¢


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