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For all the golfers out there...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TOLady, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. Just a heads-up in case you haven't heard. The Golden Bear is retiring from competition and Jack is playing his last game this week/weekend at St. Andrews. It's being broadcast starting around 6am from Scotland so set your VCRs/Tivo, etc.

    This man is a true legend, and I was incredibly lucky enough at the Pro/Am day at the Canadian Open to get a putting lesson from him a few years back (no, it had absolutely NOTHING to do with the long tanned legs, the bright yellow shorts and a blue tank top, nawwww). His lesson has proved invaluable over the years and I actually won a golf tourney this past weekend due to my superb putting! (pitching sucked big-time!) Thanks Jack!
    He was gallant enough to pose for this shot for me a few years ago, and then have a little chat about my game (I still call it "Swing and Swear"). We've had a little flirtation going for the past 20 years, and each time he's here, he recognizes me and comes over to talk if he can - makes this little heart flutter! *LOL* I made a collage of all my pics of him, and then had him sign it the last time he was here - truly a collector's item, one that you will NEVER see on ebay! It has a hallowed place on my kitchen wall. I'll be very sorry to see him go - he's been such a pleasure to watch. A true gentleman golfer.

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  2. I am taping the whole event last I heard he was three over this morning have not checked lately. I too have some shots I took at the senior open of Jack that I had him sign a few days later a class guy all the way he will be missed.
    Great collage BTW
  3. I'm not a golfer but do admire the Golden Bear. I have watched his magic on TV many times. He will be missed.
  4. Thanks Mike. It was done in a great hurry because he was supposed to be a no-show due to back problems. Around 9pm the night before, they announced he was coming, so I had to dig out the slides, digitize them, cull them, then arrange the collage in PS which I just learned! He was quite impressed with the collage and thought I'd bought it somewhere (his corporation has very good control over his image). When I told him those were all my shots from over the years, he was really impressed (little heart flutter again LOL). Truth be told, it's actually a copy on my wall in case of robbery, the signed original is locked away.

    Gordon, he's the best golfer ever, because a great golfer doesn't just win the tourney, he also acknowledges his fans and gives back to the industry at charity events. He played a practice round with Tom Watson and our local Mike Weir. Apparently, walking down one of the fairways, both Jack and Tom had tears in their eyes. A LOT of emotion at this tournament. Yes, he'll be missed.
  5. drueter


    Apr 24, 2005
    Southeast Texas
    Wow, Sandi, what a wonderful memory for you of the Golden Bear! Nice collage! I've never met him or seen him in person, but have a lot of respect for the man and the game. Now if I could just get my scores as low as the "bad" ones he's shooting as he retires!!
  6. From a fellow-Canuck - great story about Jack, Sandi.
    My wife and I enjoy our golf also (see https://www.nikoncafe.com//forums/viewtopic.php?t=7180&highlight= ). We've been to a number of pro events (a few Canadian Skins games and the Canadian Open when it was at Royal Montreal).
    As for Toronto, I just love the Abbey. I've been fortunate to play there a dozen times or so. Never had a bad day there, a class act all the way.
    We should try to tee it up some day, Sandi. That would be a Nikon Cafe outing with a different touch :D  :D 
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  7. Sandi;

    What a great treasure of photos you have of him. He has been my hero for many years. I had a chance to meet him about 30 years ago when he and Arnold Palmer were playing in an exihibition in Salt Lake City. After the tourney was over I asked both of them for their autographs and Jack was so nice to me when he gave it to me. Arnold just said "I don't have time for that, kid!" I've always thought differently about Palmer since then.

    Jack will certainly be missed on the tour. However, he apparently will still be playing in exhbitions. He will be here soon.

  8. Don, Jack is very much a gentleman. He was the player I watched when I first got into the game. I like his style, his presence, and his attitude about the game. Thanks for the compliment on my collage - hurried and basic PS skills, but it got the job done.

    Thanks Frits. Sure - I'd love a game, as long as we're not keeping score! *LOL* I haven't played the Abbey in years but always game for it. You can bring your camera as long as I can bring my leather mashie :wink:

    Brian, that sure sounds like Jack. He loves kids and is retiring to spend more time fishing with his grandchildren. Yes, he'll be playing exhibition games but I love to watch his game when he's going for the trophy - it changes. I'm just sorry he never won the Canadian Open at the Abbey as he designed it! I overheard him asking his son, Jacky, who was caddying for him threre, how far to the pin. Jacky replied "137, 138" and Jack immediately said "Well, which is it?" *LOL* Not said with malice, but he certainly is the ultimate professional. He takes his game very seriously when playing for the cup. I'll never miss a game if he plays within a few hundred miles of Toronto.
  9. Sandi, I've never had the pleasure of seeing him in person but he is a legend in the game. So much so that you should really consider moving his picture from that hollow place in your kitchen and giving it a more prominent spot.
    Long tanned legs, huh. You reckon short hairy ones will do it too?
  10. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Hi Sandi,

    I would not leave these valuable pics on the net, unless you have in a locked gallery. Actually posting anwhere..

    Thanks for this though. He is great, have watch him over many year.

    One note, how did you get past those beautiful Blue eyes. LOLOL
  11. Hi Sandi

    He's a great guy and an inspiration to many golfers - though I have never met him I know others who have and they all speak highly of him.

    Should be a good shin-dig at the 19th.
  12. Jarrell, my kitchen is my centre in my house - it's my real estate office, it's my "dump all the camera equip when I come through the back door", and a place where I entertain friends while I cook for them. I've got a photo wall there and have to two pics, the portrait and the collage side by side. I think someone might think it strange if I had them hanging in the bedroom! *LOL* About the legs, naw!

    Gale, they're posted at a very small size - crappy prints if anyone tries to print them off. I understand your meaning though. I've had some people even ask if I'd scan the signed collage and give them a copy - NO! He does have incredible blue eyes and a ton of charisma. There's a parking spot for his shoes at my house anyday! *wink*

    Simon, I just hope he makes it through to Sunday. I think they shd be giving him special dispensation on having to make the cut this go-around. Going to be some moist eyes this weekend..
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