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For the computer/monitor minded

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Matt S, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. Well my wife and I have pretty well decided to go to town and do some computer shopping in the morning. It is time for an upgrade. I know what I want in a computer but as for the monitor I am at a loss. I know that I would like a 19 or 20 inch LCD but beyond that what should I be looking for. The sony's I have seen look good but I don't know anything about them. Also the deals on computers tend to be in bundle packages so is there one brand who's monitors stand out among the major players. HP, Dell, Gateway, Sony etc.

    I am also considering (don't hurt me) a switch to Mac. My mother got a G5 for christmas and it is tempting me. In fact it was the first LCD I have played with that I really felt I could edit photos on. I have some reservations though. Like buying all new software. In addition will my Epson p-2000 work with it. How about PSD files created on a PC. I am pretty sure Tiff and JPEG are universal.

    Help!! I like to go to the store armed with information. I can hold my own on the computer specs but I will take whatever help you can give me in regards to monitors.
  2. I understand that Mac Cinema displays can be used with a PC. Thus, you wouldn't have to change to Mac if the Mac display is all you want. Perhaps someone who has actually done this could post an evaluation.
  3. You can use Apple's current screens on any current video card that provides DVI. They used to use a proprietary connector, but not anymore.
  4. Matt:

    I am a MAC user and proud of it. I would never go back to PC again. First, any file (PSD, tiff, jpg, etc) that is made on a PC will work on Mac. Second, the ease of use and setting up a MAC is better then a PC. My advice on the LCD screen is to read reviews in computer mags, Macworld has good revies of monitors. If you are leaning to a MAC, the Imac, which I use (20 inch screen) is great. But you can not add a second monitor without hacking into the firmware. The G5 will take multiple monitors. Also, Macs are more expensive then PC's. But I have found that the cost is secondary to the performace. Take the plunge.

  5. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  6. Matt,

    I also started looking into LCD monitors. My concern is to make sure they can be color calibrated. I am using the ColorPlus system now on a CRT and would want the same capability (accurate colors) on a LCD monitor.

    As long as the monitor, Photoshop and my printer all work together I would be happy.
  7. Hi Matt:
    It's my understanding that an Apple Display will work just fine on a PC based machine. I use the 23" cinema Display from Apple and it's by far the best monitor I've ever owned.
    As a further note... If you are considering the change to Apple G5.... you will not regret it. I have used the G5 since it came out and its one heck of a computer. The Mac operating system is very stable and is very photo friendly.
    Good luck with your decision.
  8. Yes, your video card must have a DVI output for use of an Apple Cinema. You should also go to Apple's Site under Newsgroups and check out the specific video card needed. Many with DVI capacity will not display the "dos text" on startup; nothing visible until the Windows screen. This means if you have "computer problems" you will not be able to see this text for trouble shooting. I too have been using a 23" Cinema and find it the best monitor I have owned. I started out as a Mac Guy and went to PC for use of the latest business SW I needed. I believe today I would go back to Mac with the dual processors. I just hate the thought of having to "toss" all the SW and buy Mac versions; that would come close to equaling what I have spend on photo gear of late. :) 
  9. Thanks everyone.....that is some food for thought. I had not considered getting the Mac display for a PC. That may be the answer. I plan on stopping at the local mac store....... who knows maybe they can sell me on the system. It's been a long time. Growing up I had the first production Mac released (and several after it). My father was given a pre-release demo to evaluate. What an amazing difference from the apple green screen we had before!! I switched to PC in college after my Mac notebook crashed too many times. Maybe it is time to go back. I just like the all in one aspect of the imac G5. No cords etc. Fear not I will shop the PC's hard as well. I will let you all know what I decide. I have a feeling I will end up not buying anything and digesting information for a while........Still it should be fun.
  10. jfrancis


    May 8, 2005
    Orlando, FL
    The Samsung LCD displays are very good. I have a 19" Samsung that has been excellent.

    Don't feel bad about contemplating a switch to Mac. After years of PCs, I'm thinking of doing the same. The only thing I would miss is my beloved QImage for printing.
  11. dbirdsong

    dbirdsong Guest

    Buying a Mac does mean buying new software, but on the other hand the stability of them is amazing. The lack of virus' is a huge factor in a owning a Mac.
    Some software companies if contacted will sell you the Mac version of your software at a big discount if you ask. If you know someone in College, that can also save you a ton of money by buying the student edition of the software.
    Some of the most popular programs such as MS Office and Photoshop are so close that there isn't a big learning curve in using them either.
    The Mac World Expo is next week so you might want to hold out till next Tuesday to see what Apple announces and either 1 buy what is announced or 2 be able to find a great deal on what will be discontinued.
    Apple is going to be releasing new CPU's sometime this year that will be using Intel processors which a lot of people are really excited about. Me, I don't really care as long as it runs the Mac OS.
  12. jfrancis


    May 8, 2005
    Orlando, FL
    And some will let you transfer your license.
  13. well a decision has been made. I am going to hold off on a monitor for now and stay with my CRT. I did get a new PC. Pretty sweet set up. AMD 64 bit processer 1 gig of ram (expandable to 6 gigs) and a 200gig hard drive. It is a custum built PC and I got a pretty good price on it. So now to install windows and all my software. I will be nice not to have my system dogging on me anymore. Thanks for all the help.
  14. I switched from Windows to a G5 earlier this year. Loving it and OS X.
  15. PJohnP


    Feb 5, 2005
    Matt :

    Given how all of the new SW related to photography is processor intensive, this is probably the best decision for you. I'm using a Samsung 19" LCD display to good effect, but the increased speed from a dual Xeon processor system that I built last summer has been more effective than a fancy display for me.

    I also spent some time "quieting" the system with a dampened case and rheostat moderated fans, and that's kept the peace with my spouse, who doesn't much like loud humming computer systems :) Shocked: ). Amazing what a immense difference in the noise level it made just changing out the Intel CPU fans for larger diameter fans and better heat sinks ! :eek: 

    As for the big Mac vs. PC debate, the differences in the capabilities are less than they were, as there's been a convergence of many things between the camps, although the substantial price differential hasn't disappeared, unfortunately. :frown: It comes down in the end to personal preferences, as the market's spoken more loudly over the years than what any of us thinks.

    And now, with all this high end computer power you have, we'll be expecting some amazing processing and post-processing from you, eh ? :wink:

    John P.
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