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For those that do motorsports photography....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Monterey Jack, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. PLEASE use some common sense where you set up. I work at a racetrack (motocycle road racing) as a safety crew worker. This last event I had to ask a woman to get back on the spectator side of the fence. She had her tripod setup NEXT to the armco (which is 15' from the spectator fence). Not to mention she had red on (flag colour). She actually rolled her eyes when I told her she has to stay on the spectator side.

    We have track sanctioned photographers (and I know who is and who isnt one) who are allowed in places normal people cant be and even then they ask the cornerworkers if they can go to the spots. They even know that the cornerworkers have final say if they can go outside the corner stations.

    We've had ALOT of problems with a certain photographer last year right to the point that the race organization said he is BANNED from any of their events period (not to mention the tracks owner isnt happy with him since he didnt pay any vendor fee, which is a requirement there to sell anything. Big sign stating track rules when you come in the gate.). He actually snuck out to within 20' of the track surface to take pictures while laying down. Another time he got behind a tree on the outside of a corner and would pop out from behind it to take a picture. Thats potentially distracting to racers.

    We have spectators ask up if they can take pictures from the corner stands. Normally its not a problem (even though 'technically' we arent supposed to let them) as long as they follow cornerworker's instructions. Ie if theres a crash and its their friend, they have to go back behind the spectator fence. For the most part most photographers there listen to us and arent an issue. But every year we get some nitwit who has it in thier mind that they are above track rules.

    Oh BTW, dont take pictures of the EMT/Paramedic's working on a rider at a track crash scene. One its distastefull and disrespectable and also from what I understand, its also illegal in some states.
  2. Schnauzermom


    Apr 13, 2007

    I would hope that would be common decency. :frown:
  3. Ya would think so. Theres one section of the track where the bikes and riders would land is about 25' from the specator area. I've had to help the security guy hold a sheet up so people cant take pictures or we have a couple other cornerworkers purposely stand in front of the photographers. Its really sad when you see someone with a 300mm trying to get a shot of the patient. This is CLUB RACING, not even professional racing. Most the racers here treat eachother like family and the LAST thing we need is to see a picture posted all over the web of a guy being put in a neck brace (or worse).
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