Forbidden City Portrait - BW Conversion

Discussion in 'People' started by JustinD, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. Comments and critiques appreciated on the conversion. Using a new plugin for Photoshop CS - what do you think?
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  2. I like it - looks like a gaussian blur overlay + noise added, but under layer sharpened to maintain punch. Eye area appears to be erased out of the gaussian blur layer...

  3. Personally I like the version you posted a while back better.
  4. Nice shot but just a little too soft for this shot for my taste. Maybe a more whimsical setting or something like that.

    Thanks for sharing,
  5. I happen to agree with you, Don, about the softness. The parameters of the plug in I was using aren't highly adjustable. Back to the drawing board I guess.

    Thanks for the comments, Frits and Ming.
  6. I totally love the feel the image produces.

    Well done. :cool:
  7. srullik

    srullik Guest

    What was the plugin used Justin ? I love the result.
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