Fort Laramie, Wyoming

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  1. Here are three snaps from Fort Laramie taken on a very hot June day. the two interior shots were taken through thick protective glass barriers.

    2nd Cavalry squad bay, restored to ca. 1872. Sigma 10-20 @ 19mm, f/11, 1s.


    Mess hall restored to 1872 - McIlhenny's Tabasco authentically on the table(!). Nikon 18-70 @38mm, f/11, 0.6s.


    Captain's quarters restored to ca. 1876. Sigma 10-20 @ 14 mm, f/11, 1/60s.


    The captain's quarters has beautiful interior rooms - a parlor, formal dining room, kitchen, child's bedroom, etc., but the sun streaming through those rooms' windows coupled with ghosting reflections through the glass barricades at that time of day (around 10:30 a.m.) prevented me from capturing any decent shots of those. Maybe next year I'll pass through in the evening - lol.

  2. Excellent job, Eric. I especially like the first one. Difficult to get indoor shots that look that well-lit.

    I remember stopping by that fort several years ago. They've done a top-notch job of restoration.
  3. Outstanding work...beautiful.
  4. nice work to manage not to loose the image with the thick glass...never works for me. db
  5. niknd501


    May 13, 2006
    Wow this looks like a really neat place...I can think of a few shots I would like
    to get if I was there.....Thanks for sharing these.
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