Four GBH Chicks waiting for lunch

Discussion in 'Birds' started by RonS, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. From earlier this year. Four Heron chicks waiting for lunch.

  2. Pretty nice but looks like too much USM?
  3. Thanks all,

    It is a little heavy on USM, I need to watch that. Contrast is a little to high also now that I look at it again. I use the FM Resize Pro plugin and it seems to accentuate sharpening, even if it is turned off in the plugin.
  4. Ron, haven't heard much from you lately. Like the pose you got in this shot.

  5. Hi Louie. Hope you are doing fine. Love your pictures from Viera Wetlands. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

    This is the second post of some of the shots I took this spring in Bellevue. I have a few more to go that came out somewhat reasonable.

    See you soon, back up at Juanita after the fog clears. I can't even see across the street now here in Renton.
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