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Fox Kit at Bombay Hook NWR

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Gordon Large, May 3, 2005.

  1. Gordon Large

    Gordon Large Guest

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    My wife Terry and I were leaving Bombay Hook NWR today after some great bird shooting when we saw five foxes streak across the road and into some brush at dusk. We drove a little further until we could see around the brush and saw four foxes - mother (presumably) and three kits - across a field. After a while the fourth kit came out of the brush and saw us but not Mom. We had about a five minute staring contest until the kit finally heard or saw Mom and ran off. I have images of the other foxes too but this is my favorite.

    Taken from a car with a Nikon D2x with the 200-400/4 VR at 400mm plus a 1.4x TC. And what you are seeing is only about 10% of the full image! All processing done in Nikon Capture - color balance, levels, saturation and sharpening. This image isn't the sharpest in the world, but considering the crop I'm astounded once again by the resolution of the D2x.

    Bird photos will follow in a few days after I have a chance to look at and process the 500+ images I took today. You all know the basic rule followed by all good photographers: Take enough photos and a few will always be good. :wink:

  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Very good shot. Amazing .. That D2XXXXXXXX thingy does a good job.
  3. Nice capture Gordon. Foxes are sooo cute.
  4. Nice shot Gordon bet you were thrilld and suprised at the same time. So how was the bird population down there,were there many species and what was the quanity.
  5. Gordon Large

    Gordon Large Guest

    Hi Mike -

    You got it - both thrilled and surprised. If that last kit hadn't decided to lag behind in the brush along the side of the road, I bet all five foxes would have been long gone before I got in position for a shot. Better to be lucky than smart!

    Not that many birds, but lots of species. A small population of resident Canada geese, some with cute little yellow balls of fluff already. Two laggard snow geese. One practically came up to the car and asked for a handout. The other is a sad story - broken wing. I called today to make sure the NWR people knew about the injured bird. They did, but hadn't decided what to do about it yet.

    Lots of cormorants. Not too many shore birds but it was like Noah's ark - lots of species, two of each. Lots of GBH's, and lots of egrets, mostly great and a few beautiful snowys. About ten black-crowned night herons and, we were told by some birders with scopes, at least one yellow-crowned. Didn't see a single raptor.

    All in all, not a lot of birds, but enough variation for good photography.

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