Frame Averaging

Apr 21, 2006
Nashua, NH
I saw a post by "digital lloyd" on something called frame averaging. I was curious but his link was to an article only open to subscribers.

Can anyone explain to me what this is, why it might benefit someone shooting at high iso, and how one would go about doing this technique, say with a D850?
Nov 14, 2005
Winter Haven, florida
Allan, I am out traveling so don’t remember exactly how to do it, I have a photoshop action that does all the steps for me. Basically you stack all the different images as layers and combine the layers. Anything that does not move between the different images-your subject- is averaged together and sometimes actually gains detail. Random data, like noise, gets averaged away. The math is I believe 4 shots gives a noise improvement of about a stop, 16 images about 2 stops. I get back next week, PM me if you want me to send you how I do it. I actually rarely use it on the 850, I do not need it. But back in the earlier days it was useful. Camera on tripod works best, but with careful handholding photoshop can align the layers. If the subject moves, the technique doesn’t work.
Mar 23, 2009
Perhaps this refers to Photoshop's stack mode?

I Use this for noise reduction and a number of other effects when I have multiple images.
To use this import individual frames on layers and align them, then convert to smart object.
Once you have a smart object use Layers\Smart Objects\Stack Mode and select one of the modes.
I find that Mean, Median, Minimum and Maximum are choices I use most often.
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