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  1. A number of users on here use various attractive frames and I know have answered numerous times on how they did them. Problem is now that I want to try, I can not find any of those fine anwers. Is it possible to search this info? is it possible to put some of the better explanations into a sticky in this forum?
  2. Dave check your PM
  3. Thanks Mike!
  4. Dave:
    If you want to learn how.... Here is a link to a couple tutorials that you might find fun.
    The guy how did the tutorials is a real jerk... but what the heck.
    Check out...
    Basis Framing and 3D framing
    (Right side of page....)
  5. Doug, I don't think that's a very nice comment fo you to make about a guy who contributes so much. And I'll just bet you hold it against him that he's a Cannuck too!! I happen to think he's a very fine fellow, and a great photographer.
  6. Thanks Doug. I actually stumbled onto that site last night. Is he really(a jerk)? LOL
  7. Sandi:
    you must have me confused with the other doug
  8. Yes... I would not beleive a darn thing his tells

    As a side note Dave.... Remember that frames can be many different things. So sometimes it good to make part of your image your frame...

  9. im so confused and that is SOOOO cool!
  10. Very clever framing job, Doug!

    aka beaucamera
  11. I did that peice a while back... But if I remember, I called it
    "Natures Big Screen"
    I only posted it to give you an example of different things a frame can be.
    Here is another that is a little different again....


    Don't be confused.... Just learn the basics and then let your imagination run away with you...
    Good luck and if I can help just yell.

  12. Doug,
    no need to apologize. I greatly appreciate your input and images and I expect there is much value to anyone else that may view the thread.
    hope to try and unravel some of this info this weekend.
  13. Doug
    just so you know, I read your tutorial on basic framing....
    gonna stop and get some beer before i go try it :^)
  14. As you will find with any of my tutorials... having a few beer is always a smart
    Try the 3D framing one.... you will have fun... giving it a go.
    As I said before... If you run into trouble just yell.... I'll be around today... gone tomorrow and back sunday.
    good luck
  15. Doug, the actioncentral 3d framing tutorial has a link back to DPR for your framing techniques. All the images are missing from the DPR link. Do you have them posted elsewhere?

    aka beaucamera
  16. Well I have it now..... Actually, i'm sure this thing is posted on 3 or 4 different sites.. I just don't remember.
    Well to make a long story short... I posted it here on the retouch board. That will give anyone easy access to it if they want.
    Good luck
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