free seminar: marketing and organizing your photo business (sf bay area)

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  1. fks


    Apr 30, 2005
    sf bay area
    just thought i'd pass this along (i have no association with keeble & shuchat other than having gone to the store :wink: ).


    April 28, 2007 Marketing and Organizing Your Photo Business:

    Join Gina Silverstein from PhotoJobsDatabase for a closer look at the newly released Deluxe PhotoJobsDatabase Software. This class is designed with Pro photographers, semi-pros, and students in mind! The powerful tool designed to help get the word out about your photography, stay organized, and generate the documents you need for your business. Meet the software's creator, a former photo agent and ad agency executive, as she demonstrates the software's organizational capabilities and gives tips on how to market your work. With Deluxe PhotoJobsDatabase you can create customizable estimates, invoices, contracts (Assignment, Wedding, Event, Videography, License/stock), releases, delivery memos and call sheets that are interactive with your job contacts! And in addition, 1,000 potential freelance job contacts are already entered in the software.

    The class will be held from 10:00AM to 12:00PM or from 2:00PM to 4:00PM in our Gallery at 290 California Ave, Palo Alto CA. Space is limited, to reserve your seat call 650-327-8511 and please let us know which session you would like to attend. Both of these classes are free of charge!
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  2. Is this in San Francisco?
  3. No, it's at Keeble & Shuchat in Palo Alto.

    aka beaucamera
  4. fks


    Apr 30, 2005
    sf bay area
    apologies, i didn't notice that the city wasn't in the address, thanks jay and virginia. i've corrected that :smile:

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