Freezing Motion Outdoors in the Sun with Strobes

Oct 25, 2010
Trust me, I'm reading and researching, but it's giving me a headache as to how I would go about putting this shot into effect.

I want to do a shoot where the subject will be model whipping her dress about and jumping around and I would like everything tact sharp. I have at my disposal Alienbees 1x B1600 and 1x B800 and 1x SB900. I want the SB900 off camera. They will be triggered with CyberSyncs. The shoot will be done outdoors after 3 PM until sundown with sunlight.

How would I go about setting up the high speed sync with what I have? From what I've read so far I'm going to need cords? Or is there someway to do it with just the triggers?

Thanks in advance.