Freshly built Z28

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  1. well my 8th post on the site. first ones were kinda lame but you guys should like this i hope. its my friend from work's 00 Z28. first time down the track today since the rebuild. C&C welcomed if you can i guess.


    new pics. not quite as good as the first but ok i think.

    first burn out to warm em up.

    sittin in the staging lane

    just a pan of a stang

    and a pickup
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  2. Ooo.....that looks like a FUN ride!! :biggrin:

    Nice shot too!
  3. it is a very fun ride. and thanks.
  4. 11:6, that is impressive for a 3400# street car!! There is a simillar style camaro at my track that is a rocket, it runs mid 8's in street trim @ 3400#.

    Great job on timing the shot btw. It is not easy to get the timing just right when to get the car like that when it is moving so fast!:biggrin:
  5. SitAndWatch

    SitAndWatch Guest

    sweet pic. crsx crew holla
  6. thannks man. ya i was a little worried how they would come out. i tried to stay at a 500 ss. and actually he is down to about 3180 lbs. dunno how since all he did was remove the spare and backseats but that is what they weighed him at.

    SitandWatch-thanks dude. crsx4life
  7. 2007/inport day/Movie.wmv

    check out this link to the car I mentioned, it is a video of 3 shake down runs on a new set up. They are trying to run in a class that allows a 10.5inch tire maximum!! Some crazy cars in that class for sure.

    If you have more pics or video, i would love to see them, I can never get enough drag stuff!!:tongue:

  8. Commodorefirst

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    May 1, 2005
    smokin fast car, and love the light flare across it too, adds a lot to the image, tough to shoot dark cars in bright light!

  9. thanks guys. i tried my best. with his car. and the T/A is sick. there are a few more up ill get some more up later on.
  10. Great shots! Man I miss my 00 B4C camaro :(
  11. ^^^thanks man.
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