Friday Night Football

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  1. Boy I sure forget how terrible it is to shoot these games under the terrible lights at H.S football stadiums. We were away at a a stadium with terrible lighting. I am not really thrilled with these at all, need to make some adjustments for the next game. These were shot with the D2X and the 70-200VR. All were shot at ISO 800 -1600 at 2.8 and very low shutter speeds sure could use a 200 2.0 :cool: Well here are a few samples
  2. dbirdsong

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    I feel your pain on bad lighting...
    Man I shot last night and it was pretty bright at the beginning of the game, but the sun set about 20 minutes into the game.
    One thing that helped my shots was the Shadow/Highlight feature in PS CS.

    Click here to see my shots

    Nice shot under bad lighting Mike.

  3. Mike,

    And who said that D2X can not perform with ISO 800-1600. Well done !
  4. hans


    Feb 5, 2005
    The Netherlands
    Mike, great series the last one stands out in it sublime capture!!
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