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Friday Night Lights - Utah

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by Sauk, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Sauk


    Aug 4, 2008
    Sandy, UT
    well another friday, another flashed game. I felt off all night for the first time in a while. Sure I got enough for my job but my technique sucked last night. It was extremely windy and it was affecting my balance and shooting.

    If I wasn't shooting for a certain company I would have easily shot ISO 4500 to 5000 all night long. I wish sometimes I could because the lights at this HS were perfectly placed for the field.

    Anyways on to the images:

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    2. Flashed was used 1/1000 1250 ISO
    View attachment 254911

    View attachment 254912

    View attachment 254913

    5. ISO 5000 1/640th
    View attachment 254914

    6. 6400 ISO 1/640th
    View attachment 254915

    View attachment 254916

    8. 4500 ISO 1/500th
    View attachment 254917

    View attachment 254918
  2. they look very good to me
    they almost don't look flashed at all
    i will try the sb800 mounted below the camera next week (again)
  3. Sauk


    Aug 4, 2008
    Sandy, UT
    randy this week I tried the flash bracket and again I think I finally realized I don't like it. I just feel like I get better flash coverage below the lens for whatever reason.

    The ones where I put the ISO were the ones with zero flash used.

    Thanks again Randy
  4. u mean flash bracket above (like the joe demb bracket) vs flash clamped to monopod below camera ?
    I'm not found of either still but i didn't work with them enough last year
    Last night i was able to get 1/500 @ 2.8 and stay under 4k most of the time.....lots of shadows in the helmets so i'm gonna try ttl-bl-fp next week below the camera
  5. A quick question WRT flash and continuous burst. How can I get the flash to fire on every shot? Last week when I tried it I would get one flash per 7 or so shots. I gave up and went back to high ISO's.
  6. Sauk


    Aug 4, 2008
    Sandy, UT

    flash bracket above the lens. I have used it 2 times now and I am just not feeling the vibe with it. I feel like I shoot better with it below the lens.

    Yeah I could have got that same ISO and speed but I had to get a certain amount shots so I had to make sure I got them. Usually I will shoot a bunch of shots from about the 7 minute mark down in the 4th quarter with just straight ISO no flash.


    You will need to get an external battery pack in order to get a flash every time. But even then I would keep it to a quick 3 image burst otherwise you will fry your flash.

    I use a quantum SC pack
  7. topher04r1

    topher04r1 Guest

    Great stuff here matt !!
  8. Matt, you win. Flashed football might be coming for me as well.

    What do I need exactly? Superclamp, SB-800, and a cord? I'll figure out the settings in a few days, but just need to know what I need for equipment.
  9. Sauk


    Aug 4, 2008
    Sandy, UT
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