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Friends Portrait

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jarrell, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. A friend asked me to shoot her portrait and she wanted it in black and white.
    This is what I came up with and she approves of them so I thought I'd share them here. BW conversion was done in Nik Pro.
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  2. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    For my tastes, I think the first one needs to be cropped tighter, there is too much black and that chunk of backdrop at the bottom right is distracting. The blackness of the overall shot in my mind, requires a tighter crop to the face.
    The second one is better in that regard, but I don't like the dead-on side profile, looks too much like a mug shot. A little more twist of the neck toward the camera would make it better, IMHO.
    My 2 cents...
    Technically, just as I would expect from the lighting Guru:biggrin:
  3. I like the pleasing expression on this lady. Your lighting is good and I would bet she will like these images.
  4. DanWhite


    Jul 10, 2005
    Lansdale PA

    I have to agree with the crop on the first shot with Baywing. I would have cropped a little off the bottom, just above the opening between the body and arm. The pose on the first shot is nice. one thing to watch out for on a person that is a little heavier is the head tilt. in this shot it renders the neck to be a little heavy on the left side(camera left). I would have brought the BG light up a tad so that you get just a little more seperation from the background.

  5. Hi Jarrell... (Mr. Conley sir)
    I'm the last one to even comment on your work because many including me envy the skill you put into your images. But now that I’m commenting here we go...

    Would it be possible to brush a little more detail back into the ladies top in #1? I find that if I could see a little detail it would be kinder on the eyes.

    The second one is more pleasing than the first. Not that the first is bad in anyway... I just like the look and feel of the second one better.

    Well I did it... I commented on a series of images by a guy whom I think is one of the best shooters around!
  6. I appreciate everyones suggestions. I do agree that the top picture should be cropped tighter and that will be done. I may try bringing the bg lighting up a tad as I brought it down in postprocessing. I can possibly bring in a bit more detail in the black top, that would be another thing to try, although it was her suggestion that as little attention be brought to that area as possible. Personally, I like it with a bit more detail in the black sweater.
    Thanks for the input!
  7. Beautiful shots, Jarrell! I was so hoping you'd start posting more potraiture shots as I have always enjoyed learning from your examples. When I saw shot #1 my first impression was "Yeah, Jarrell's back posting more wonderful portraits" but then when I saw shot #2, I thought "OMG, that's how I want my low key shots to look like". You really have a talent Jarrell (not that you need me to tell you) but I will tell you that I always watch for your postings because they always seem to provide me with inspiration. Gale & I have talked about coming to visit you one of these days. It would be a great experience to spend just 5 minutes with you and hoping I could somehow absorb some of your talent.

    Can you tell I'm a fan? :wink: Please keep posting more examples like this! :Angel:
  8. All of a sudden my hat is 5 sizes to small and my face is bright red. I really appreciate the kind words Kevin, and you and Gale are welcome to visit our humble house anytime you're in the area. Just please let me know in advance so that I can hire an extra butler, grounds keeper and chamber maid. :wink:
    Thank you and if you see Gale tell her the check is in the mail.
  9. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    WOOOHOOO Kevin,
    Ready to go to Georgia :>))))))

    Man that would be a thrill of a lifetime.

    }Don't need no stinkin, maid, grounds keeper or butler. Jarrell, Carol and Hannah is just fine.{

    Thank You Jarrell. Got some examples yet of the performance you have gotten with that new toy :>))

    Not worried about the check :>)) Thank you though, appreciated.
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