From a D200 to a D1 my backwards movement

Jul 4, 2006
So. Calif.
On Nov. 27th, 2005 I ordered a D200 and never looked back, or maybe I have. Shucks, I've been looking back ever since!
Back to the older Nikon DSLRs.

I bought that D200 (which was backordered), but when it finally arrived I had a ball with it! It's a wonderful camera in many ways. But being a sports shooter for the high school where I teach, I was used to my Canon 1D, so I started looking at the D1/D2 series of Nikon.
This eventually led to me getting my D1H, which I can say without reservation is the camera that makes me look like a better photographer than I really am. I'm not big on post processing and the D1H files are pretty sharp right out of camera.

I liked the D1H so much that I started looking at its sibling the D1X, (just in case I need to do some cropping). Bought one, love it too! I even used it for some softball shooting on Friday.

Now that I have the D1H and D1X, it only seemed fitting that I buy the D1, just to round out the Trio experience. Thankfully a D1 showed up in the "for sale" forum as one can't go out and buy it from any dealers due to it being produced in 1999. Yep, I'm now working with gear from the former century. Talk about moving backwards!

Here's hoping that I don't get bit by the D2 bug. Can you imagine, needing/wanting to buy a D2H, D2Hs, D2X, D2Xs just to have the complete set? :biggrin:
Feb 25, 2006
NC can be like me...dipping in all the honey pots! I've had a Old pro (D1H), new pro (D2H), old old consumer (D100), old consumer (D70s), prosumer (D200)...I too want the whole D1 set though! I don't care quite as much about the D2X as I would about a D1X...weird, huh?

Now I want a rangefinder...both digital and film! Give me a leica!!
Oct 24, 2006
Valley Forge, PA
After buying a D70 when they first hit the shelves, I was a DSLR fanatic. I bought a used D2h last fall to compliment my D70. However, the speed, features, AF performance, etc of the D2h has really spoiled me. Nikon's CAM2000 AF system is nothing short of amazing. Just last week I did the inevitable...I bought a used D2x. is an incredible camera. I'm just getting used to it, but so far...I am blown away. Don't get the D2 bug if you know what's good for you..LOL. BTW, the D70 in my signature is now my wife's "point and shoot" camera. She likes it alot :)
Mar 3, 2006
Asheville, N.C.
Lisa, I can see your position perfectly - I missed my D1 as soon as it left, and even after getting it's replacement and getting great pix from it, I still wish I had kept it....I know, I know, that's not logical, but I REALLY liked the D1, and even with the D2h giving better prints, I would rather shoot a D1.....ain't we silly animals ????

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