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From the Oregon Coast

Discussion in 'Landscapes, Architecture, and Cityscapes' started by olddogg, Jul 4, 2008.

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  2. Jack, good overall distribution of tones and saturation levels, but, for me, the content is confusing. I also find the apparent lighting a little confusing -- some objects appear well lit while nearby surfaces and other objects that I'd expect to be bright are quite dark. [This looks like a challenging scene, and I'm not sure how I'd photograph it:smile:. I'm anxious to see what others have to say.]
  3. Thanks Bob for your input. Not sure why, but this seems darker on the Cafe than on my monitor. Seeing it here, I'm wpndering if it would benefit from a slight overall lightening with brightness, or curves. I didn't mention that this is an HDR, using 5 exposures.
  4. That might explain some of my confusion. With many of the HDR conversions I've seen, the lighting has appeared unnatural to me. [I'm not convinced that tonal remapping is something that should be done without reference to the realism perceived by the photographer.]
  5. shtarka1


    Feb 1, 2008
  6. Creative for sure, but not realistic as shown.
  7. hey jack...
    my coffee-loving and teaching friend

    i'm so glad you posted this
    it's very nice
    i LOVE the oregon coast... the most beautiful coast I'VE ever seen
  8. Thanks!

    I know what you mean. Hard to get control of HDR. I'm not too good at it yet. I'm fascinated by it though.

    Hi Greg. Yeah, that is a beautiful coastline. This park is a few miles north of Brookings. Hey, watch Sweet Maria's. The Panama coffees are starting to arrive. Thanks for looking!

    I hear ya! Have to admit I'm a total novice with Photomatix. Not real sure how to control tone mapping. Some folks around here are good at it. See Terri French' work. Thanks for commenting. I'll keep experimenting.

  9. That's why I haven't even ventured there! Keep at it--I'd love to see that one again.
  10. ah......
    the Panama Coffees.....
    i can almost smell them now

  11. OK, let's try this. I took the same file, added a curves adjustment layer, and applied a mild s-curve to lighten things up a tad, and tone things down. Better? Any other thoughts? Thanks.

  12. Greg
    (OT) Only one so far, but several nice Guatemalans, and a few other centrals. Did you get that roaster? I did my best to convince you.
  13. i like your new version, as well
    i hope you don't mind me posting this.... my good friend (and i'll remove it, if you do)
    but.... i tried a bit and came up with this:

    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)
  14. you'll be UNhappy to know that i did NOT get that roaster yet.....
    very long story
    too long to relate here...
    and, probably a bit too nauseating... :smile:

    we shall speak soon
  15. Yes--both yours and Greg's are getting there--though for some reason Greg's sand is the colour of a stirred latte!!:biggrin: I like his sky and your foreground.

    Al that coffee talk is making me want some---but at this time of day, perhaps a nice Dow Tawny Port :wink:
  16. Stirred latte! lol Yeah, that Greg guy is real strung out on caffein. Would sell his soul fof a cup 'o' joe. (I can relate FWIW) Save me some of the Port.

  17. No, I don't mind your attempt at all. Digital darkroom by committee. I like your take on the sky, but i'm uncomfortable with the color in the reflection. I'm going to turn in now, get some rest, and give this another look tomorrow.

    I dont understand your negligence on the roaster matter. What about your mom-in-law. Doesn't she deserve a decent cup once in a while? lol
  18. For what it's worth, Jack, I like your second version much better. For me, Greg's interpretation is too light and changes the mood of the scene. On the other hand, it's now at the state where differences in personal tastes could dictate a thousand minor tweaks:smile:. For example, one might use a mask and one of the Wratten 81 series filters to create a dappled sunlight splash on the house(?) on the near hillside.
  19. Thanks Bob,
    I really appreciate your observations. I'm currently in the beginning stages of learning about layer masks. The main thing I learned at the workshop where these images were made is how woefully inadequate my post processing skills are. That's why I posted this image. I think I have a worthwhile file here. Just not up to the task of processing it well. So thanks again for your input. BTW, I have no idea what a Wratten 81 filter is. More to learn...
  20. Ok, one more try. I used a curves adjustment layer with a layer mask to try to brighten the beach area, while leaving the dramatic sky. I also masked the small stream to try to keep the reflection matching the sky a bit closer. I don't know how to do anything else to this image. Any other suggestions?


    Thanks for all the good ideas.
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