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  1. A few months ago one of our city councilors found my card saying " amateur photographer " [ before receiving "expert advice" to change it to just "photographer " ] and hired me to do his daughters wedding since it wasn't anything lavish and they wanted " cheap-ish " photos .


    They were very happy with the pictures and last Friday he phoned me again because he wanted pictures for his "re-election" campaing . I had bought an umbrella and stand which had never really been used so Friday night I set up the umbrella/SB800 and a tripod/SB600 and diffuser and did some test shots for saturday . I know the shadow from the SB600 is not acceptable and ordered another stand and white umbrella for future shots . This is what I ended up with after 1 hour shooting .....


    They liked this pose so i cut him out ...


    And flipped him over [ apparantly not too good since people's left and right side are not perfectly equal but will look normal to him like a mirror ] for his brochure picture which he wanted with a background shot of the city's iconic bridge


    Another picture he liked which we all thought was appealing was the relaxed shot on the armchair , the printing company said they would prefer to crop his head from this picture for the newspaper ad .


    As always I have admitted mistakes I think I made and would appreciate constructive criticism . I only charged about US$120 since I felt that it was also a practice session for me . He will also be running for mayor and says he wants me to be there at his [ hopefully celebration] party after the campaign , to get some shots and maybe some portrait shots of his parents soon . So even though my first lot of cards said "amateur photographer " I have had the most success from that one business card .
  2. I love the first shot! The man in the third looks like he's 9' fall :) He takes up almost all of the walkway and towers over the handrail...I think you need to shorten him some.

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    Just curious - why didn't you just photograph him standing in front of the bridge? It's quite obvious that he was just "pasted" onto the photo, mostly due to the difference in lighting and the fact that he's larger than he should be. Take the real shot. Even if you can't get a "perfect" photo of him with the bridge, at least it will be a real photo.
  4. When I was photoghraphing him at his home it was pouring with rain and we had to get some pictures off to the printers the next day . He showed me his last brochure with the city's fountains in the background taken on a sunny day with a compact camera , it may just have well been a black and white photocopy from some newspaper . The point of the brochure is not necessarily to make the sizes real but to make him stand out and have some iconic shape that shows the city he is representing in the background .
    When the brochure is printed he will just be a bit on the side of it with this shape of the bridge behind him , you won't see his feet .
    I feel that the right lighting on his face is much more important than being the right size in this particular application .
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