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Fruits shot !

Discussion in 'Macro, Flowers, Insects, and Greenery' started by JPS, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. I spent my week-end trying to figure out the best settings to use on the D70 for interiors pics, with available light from the windows only ! I took a serie of shots, changing the values of Tone, Saturation and/or Hue. I tried to set a manual WB, by shooting thru the camera, then also using an Expodisk...

    Eventually, judging the results, i ended up thinking that the best is -still- to leave ALL settings to NULL/ZERO, shoot RAW, and then, make a correct WB and color adjustments in post-process !

    Here's what came out of it: i just choose a fruits plate, "as is" on the dinning-room table, about 2 meters from the windows, and shot with the "inevitable" Tamron SP90 at 1:100 @ f/3.2, ISO 200, hand-held.

    Pic #1 is the *.JPG that is joined to the RAW file, untouched, only resized.


    Pic #2 is the RAW file post-processed


    What do you think of... (not the shot but)... the post-process ? How do you set your own camera ? Do you use "custom curves" with RAW ?

  2. The finished product looks great. Personally, I always shoot RAW, and try to focus mostly on exposure and focus.

    With some cameras (the D2X at the least) getting the WB in the ballpark seems to be important as it makes a difference early enough in the capture process to make a difference in the RAW data.

    I do not use custom curves at all. I have tried a few, but they only seemed to worsen the noise situation as they required underexposing.

    I tend to bracket quite a bit, certainly when doing still life type stuff. I often find the image I want is comprised of several exposures, carefully mixed using layer masks of various kinds in CS2.

    All told, I would say what matters most to me is the light. Granted that one is able and willing to do whatever takes to make that work - modifiers, using a tripod, flashes, "hot" lights, etc. or simply catching the right moment when the available light is interesting.

    You can bet I will be one of the first to be walking around with the new SU-800 setup and as many ring flashes as can fit on the ring. And probably feeling silly too.
  3. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    On my screen it looks dull.

    Not sure if it is or not. :>))

    I do like the second image though. May I have a tangerine please :>))
  4. Hi Dale !

    Do you mean that the pic #1 looks dull or the post-processed one ? Strange how each persomn has a different "eye" (or monitor)... i've been told by someone else that it looked "over-contrasty" on his monitor...
  5. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    JP I think it is probable monitors.
    I am using an LCD calibrated to adobe. Thats all I have for a calibrator.

    The first one has better luminance than the second. Bananas and grapes look dull here on the second, but the tangerines look great.
    Doesn't mean they are dull. Not by alot JP.
    Just here.
  6. Hi Gale ! Strange ! I guess there is "something" with your monitor, as i moved my monitor on the dinning-room table, next to the fruit-bowl, and i checked the colors and contrasts "in vivo"... they're almost (98%) true, as compared to the table (background), grapes, bananas and tangerines !
    Ohhh well... not a problem, right !?!
    Thanks for commenting, it often helps a lot correcting things:smile: !
  7. Looks good to me nice muted colors with no high highlights I liek the look and feel of this
  8. Well... all this made me re-think about my PP... Here's a try on the same shot, using LAB colors this time:

    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)

    ...i increased the colors, but i'm affraid i also over-sharpened a bit :frown: ! Well... i don't know... now it remembers me the old wax-fruits that my grandmother use to keep on her table :eek:  !

    Anyway, looking a both, i still prefer the previous pic, with colors not as "shiny"...

  9. BigPixel

    BigPixel Guest

    Hi JP!

    I like the first raw conversion better I think, all except for the Tangerine color which looks a bit bright to me but then, Tangerines come in all sorts of shades and some grocers even spray them for Christmas.

    All in all quite a nice pic. Looks like you have the D70 figured out pretty well.

    Are you still thinking about the D200? I almost placed an order today but think I'll wait until after release and a few more image posts.....
  10. That is good one. The fruit looks more fresher and less dull. You did a good job on this one the color is good.
  11. Hi Mike ! In fact, i guess it means that i'm getting better at PP, more than at the D70 :tongue: , as it seems that i can't get the same nice bright and contrasty colors out of the d70 as i had out of the S2 :Curved: !

    Yes, but now that we hear about a "soon possible" Fuji S4, i think i'll wait for some time... and, as in any case i can't reasonably buy a new camera in the near future, it's the best way to make me wait :cool:  !

  12. Hi Vince !
    Thanks for the comment ! I agree for the colors, but i beleive that the sharpening was too much this time, as one can clearly see some "halo" around the tangerine's leaves, for example... It seems that there is some change in the images in the process "my_computer > Pbase" and "Pbase > NikonCafe" ! I re-checked the image still in my PC against the one on this thread, and noticed that it became somewhat harsher, don't know why...

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