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Fuji 'guru'?

Discussion in 'Non-Nikon System Cameras' started by odradek, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. I was wondering, since i'm in for a Fuji S5 Pro, if there is some kind of Fuji 'guru' like Nikon's Thom Hogan or Ken Rockwell, or Olympus' Andrej Wrotniak? Anyone?
    And by the way, just how much overall improvement should i expect from my 'now for sale' D70?
  2. I think Gary Fong used to be , but he gave up on Fuji. You can find info on DPReview Fuji forum , but many on that forum think's that it is the worlds greatest camera , so you just have to weed out the BS .
  3. cwilt


    Apr 24, 2005
    Denver, CO
    I don't know of any "Fuji" guru's.

    There are a few of us here who use the S5's. Maybe we can answer your questions.
  4. Well, Charles, i currently own a D70 but i'm still not sure if getting a S5 will be such an upgrade, with that evil D300 hauting me as well ;) 

    I don't dare to past ISO 640 with the D70, and even that is a compromise. Where would you say S5's ISO break point would be? If you say something around 1600, i'll be ok with that! I don't mind some noise, but i can't stand the lost of the detail and colour the D70 tends to outup at medium ISO, not to mention at higher values.

    How slow is S5 really? I've read so many BS about it, that i don't know what to expect. Is it slower than D70? And i don't mean FPS cause i couldn't care less for that. I mean operation wise: navigating through menus, settings and such, writing times and controls lock-up, etc.

    I shoot mainly jpeg (99% of the time), so the 30MB gigantic raw files from S5 don't scare me at all.

    I can get an S5 for half the price of a D300, so i know it is be my best bet financially, but on the other hand there are some rumors that Fuji is not to continue DSLR development, and that would certainly be woring: how about support, service and parts?
    By the way, any known issues i should be aware of? I've read something about AF malfunctions... Any others i should be aware of?

    I pretty sure i'll end up buying the S5 and aplly the rest of the money on glass, and a new flash.
    In the end, i just think i need reassurance :) 

  5. scooptdoo

    scooptdoo Guest

    like we dont think nikons make the best camera's ?
  6. cwilt


    Apr 24, 2005
    Denver, CO
    Well then, lets tear it apart question by question.

    I personally consider ISO2000 to be the limit when shooting RAW. ISO1600 should be fine for jpg's. Unlike most SLR's their is not as much of a dynamic range penalty for increasing sensitivity.

    Its been a while since I killed my D70 but I find the S5 fast enough for most shooting. Rarely do I use the D2x because the S5 was to slow. Menu are fine once you get used to them. Once setup you will probably only need to change film modes.

    The Fuji's are still the best jpg cameras available. None of the new ones has topped them yet.

    I wish I had a crystal ball and could give an answer to this. A new Fuji that is full frame and 13+13 is high on my list of wants.

    I have seen a few more AF issues from the factory the normal lately but that seems to happen to all manufacturers these day. Nothing else comes to mind.

    The Fuji loves sharp glass. It is still the best jpg shooter out there. Resolution is about like an 8mp camera. The D300 will be sharper, but it can't touch the S5 for dynamic range and only a few come close to its color separation.

    I hope that helps.:smile:
  7. Well, i'm into photography, not brand cult :wink:
    Whatever it takes to get the job done...

    I found out about the Cafe when Uncle Frank and Ed Neal left DP forums (cause i've learned a lot from them), and i've been around here since. I don't tend to post as much as i would like, but it certainly is a joy to navigate through these threads: very nice, interesting and grown up people around here, unlike most of internet's forums.

    In the end, i expect not to be ostracized case i decide to go Canon or whatever... God forbid! :eek: 
  8. Thanks again, Charles. You sure helped a lot! Like i said, very nice people around here :cool: 

    I'll sleep on it over the weekend... and order the S5 first thing Monday morning :biggrin: It's definitely the best tool for the job, for my kind of photos anyway, and i'll be better of with it and some new quality glass, than with a new 1.5K €uro D300... ouch!
  9. I've learn a lot from Andy (puddleduck)
  10. Hi David!
    I'll check him up... his photographic skills, i mean :biggrin:

    By the way, impressive gallery. Congrats...
    I see you own both the S5 and the D300: what's your input on both of them?

  11. For what you do , the S5 will do just fine. And the price is right , and who knows , there just may be a S6 . I think Fuji is working on something .
  12. Hi Bill, nice of you to join in!

    That FX S6 sure would (will) be great, even more so if Fujifilm would come up with some new Fujinon's for us to play with :biggrin:
  13. Well the s5 has not been discontinued , so they could very well be working on something .
  14. Thanks for the kinds words.

    I had the D200 and upgraded to the D300. The Nikons are for speed, Fuji for color. As you said different tools for different things.

    Yes the Fuji is that slow when compared to either the D200 or D300. Probably faster than your D70 though. And not faster than the brides I shoot. But as Charles said, Fuji has great out of camera JPegs.

    Just remember you don't get all the benefits of the Fuji sensor without shooting RAW.

    This was a real rough test I did of the Fuji versus the D200. I just shot these in the backyard about a minute apart. Over exposed them and pulled them back in Camera RAW. You can see that the Fuji handled the blowout better and was able to pull back the detail well beyond what I thought it would be able to.

  15. abuH


    Dec 25, 2006
    Budapest, Hungary
    some related questions

    Hi everyone,

    Hope you don't mind me stepping in with some more questions. I'm pretty much in the same boat as odradek: I have a D70, and have started saving up for a D300, since I thought it would answer most of my key problems with the D70: limited DR, not very reliable AF, lackluster high ISO. Then I have noticed that the price of the Fuji S5 is going downhill -- costs now about half of the D300 price here (in Hungary), and suddenly I'm not sure anymore if I could justify the price of the D300 (I'm strictly an amateur, don't make a cent out of my photography). And now the questions:

    - How reliable and accurate is the AF on the S5 (I understand that it has the same AF-module as the D200)? Is it much behind the D300 in this respect?

    - Is it more consistent with various lenses? (I have front focus problems with about half of my lenses on the D70, I tried to set the camera body to correct for this, but that left two of my often-used lenses (the 18-70 kit lens, and the Tokina 100/2.8) backfocusing, so I undid the adjustment in the end. I kind of hope that this would be solved with the AF-microadjustment system of the D300 -- but if the S5(=D200) AF behaves significantly more consistently, then the D300 might be an "overreaction" to the problem)

    - David, I see you have the Sigma 30/1.4, too -- does it behave equally (well?) on both the D300 and the Fuji S5, or does it fit one of them better?
    (I vaguely recall that there were AF-compatibility probblems between this Sigma, and the D200 and/or the S5, before a firmware upgrade to the cam.)

    Thanks for any input, in advance!
  16. The D300 is better, but that's comparing the D300 to the D200. Comparing the D200/S5 to the D70? I think the difference is much greater going from the D70 to D200 than from the D200 to D300. It's always been my understanding that the AF in the Fuji uses the same parts as the D200, straight Nikon.

    You know I never really noticed front or back focus on my lenses on any camera until I put them on a camera that allowed me to adjust it. :redface: But if you are then the D300 will allow you to correct it. Another option if you have a good local repair shop is to bring the body and lenses in and have the 2 lenses that back focused after your body adjustment corrected.

    Always have had the latest firmware I know about on my cameras. I did not have the Sigma till almost a year after getting the D200 and I sent it in to Sigma for a checkup when I got it (used). Not idea if they did anything to it other than check the focus, but I have never had an issue with it.
  17. That's good to know! That's one of the reasons i started this thread for: "Is an S5 a significant upgrade to my current D70?"
  18. But i'll still have the enlarged DR (W2) benefits if i shoot JPG, right?
  19. You get the the benefits in a "cooked" file. But for me having the RAW file can make the difference.
  20. Hi Charles,

    I've read your comments with interest. A Fuji S5 isn't something that I've always been curious about but never considered.

    If you don't mind some additional questions ...

    Three of the biggest obstacles for me with people-pictures have been:

    1) Getting skintones right. It doesn't help that I see colors differently out of one eye vs. the other (cataracts, multiple retina surgeries). My kids also have more unusual skintones (mixed German/Chinese and one has fairer skin than the other).

    2) Getting white balance right. Related to the above, but also issues with indoor backgrounds.

    3) Getting better higher-ISO than I can get out of my D80.

    What I'm trying to understand is how much would the S5 benefit me. I realize that there's no objective way to quantify it -- wish there was one around here I could rent to find out. And I realize it's not a magic bullet. I'm trying to figure out if the delta is compelling enough.

    Any thoughts you may have on the accuracy of white balance and skintones vs. other Nikon bodies you've shot would be greatly appreciated (I guess my D80 would be most similar to a D200, but I'm don't think either is in your bag). I admire your portraits and wonder how close does the Fuji get to "getting it right" before your workflow.

    And the last question -- a great deal of what I read is focused on the Fuji's JPEG's. If I still shoot RAW, do I still get all the benefits (and presumably more)? I'd assume that the correct colors are in either the RAW file and JPEG, and ACR will read the correct white balance assessed by the Fuji.
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