Fuji S5 Pro film simualtion mode

Discussion in 'People' started by Electromen, May 13, 2007.

  1. The 1st photo is straight out of the camera, no PP
    The camera was set to F1, film simulation mode, used to smooth skin transitions.

    The 2nd photo is my edited version

    Your thoughts please. This is my wife age 52, Happy Mothers Day Nancy.


  2. A wonderful portrait of a pretty lady, Greg. A nice setting, good diffused lighting... Good job on removing the glasses. You might want to use a small touch of the liquify tool in bloat mode to open her eyes a very small amount. This helps on outdoor portrait shots.
  3. Thanks Sandi, I'll try that technique, I've done that in the past using the Warp tool.

    I wondered whether the original was too soft. The Film Simulation mode softens the skin, but also reduces overall sharpness.

    I've only had the camera a few days, still experimenting.
    I guess I need to post one with and without the Film mode.
  4. So far so good... looking forward to many more... to help me decide whether to replace the D2X with the S5 :wink:
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