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Fun with IR ...

Discussion in 'Night, InfraRed, and UltraViolet Photography' started by Boobie Joe, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. I had a a session in the morning but stayed on site to grab some
    more pictures of the landscapes and surroundings ...

    I have only shot the D2H with the IR filter (Hoya R72). I was
    stuck Using the 50mm 1.8 since the filter I have will only fit
    that lens I own.

    The first one is my favorite, notice the lovers under the tree ...

    Not all of them are very good. The processing in the key, it is
    hard to get a perfect result out of the box but it is getting
    better and better. The last shot was WB differently, I will
    explain how I did it a bit later ...

    Hope you like the shots ...

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    This is the shot I WB differently, not a good shot for viewing but
    the Colors will pop up better in the future with this WB

    First of all, I did not discovered this technique, it was presented in a thread in the Nikon DPR D50/70 forum by Benoit G, also a nikon cafe member . I have met Benoit quite a few times already and we have become shooting buddies thru our very busy scedules :) 

    The shots I presented today are, for many of them, WB with different K deg temp manually , some in Auto WB-2 and some in preset WB using the green grass as a WB target.

    The last technique should be the one to use except that you must put the filter on the lens before attempting to WB, this was my mistake today except for the last shot where. 15 minutes before shooting it in my street, I had a quick chat with Benoit who told me to try again with he filter in front of the lens (which makes total sense now).,

    So I did, I found a good patch of grass in a sunny spot, slipped the filter in, made a preset and shot one picture.

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    Thx for looking and commenting ...

  2. As someone who has no experience shooting in IR, but as one who is intriguied with it, I must say that I appreciate this post.

    I really like the effect of the filter.
  3. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Beautiful colors Yves!

    It looks like the lovers turned into birds in #2 though. ;) 
  4. Like Justin, I find IR photography very intriguing and hope to attempt one day. In your examples posted, my favorites are the ones with the trees against the blue sky. It reminds me of my favorite winter days as a kid when the birch tree branches were covered in frost and the sky was radiant blue.

    Very nice, indeed!
  5. I will also experiment with the D2X and the D70. I have the feeling the D70 will be the best out of the 3 though ...

    Thx for looking, I always like your shots in the challenges.
  6. Hi Yves,

    Nice seeing you here. Have been on the dpreview forum a long time and became an admirer of your work. I joynd this "club"last week.
    I must say, it's very nice overhere, without those people who love bashing other people.

    This work is also great ( as usual) . I think i will give it a try the coming weeks

    thanks for sharing
  7. It like Magic Chris ... lol
  8. nice shots!!! you make me want to buy that hoya filter and start playing!!!
  9. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    I like them all and like allll of the colors. Excellent work Yves.
  10. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    IR is always nice. It is interesting that your images do not show the infamous "hot-spot" so often reported with the 50/1.8 lens. I presume there is an interaction between the imager, the internal baffling in the camera and the lens which sometimes makes the issue appear. D2H might be a better camera for IR than often thought (even though its IR sensitivity is quite low, it handles long exposures well).

    If you are serious with IR, consider ripping out the anti-IR/AA filter pack of a D70 or D1 model (I've done both :)  ). You'll get more than 7 stops increased IR sensitivity and can enjoy "real" IR with the opaque 87C or RM90 filters and still be able to do hand-held shooting with ease.
  11. Delightful shots Yves but I must say that #1 is my favorite. I have never attempted an IR shot but sure like the effect that you have achieved.
  12. Here's how I PostProcessed those shots ...

    All of them were shot in RAW, this gives lattitude to readjust the WB eventually.

    1- I opened image in NC 4.3
    2- WB box, selected eye dropper and pinned the leaves in the trees
    3- Clicked on contrast and brought back to Normal (was low)
    4- Used sRGB IIIa, richer colors than sRGB I
    5- Checked for highlights and adjusted accordingly
    6- Save NEF and Made a 8Bit Tiff copy
    7- Opened the Tiff in PSCS (or PSCS2)
    8- Did a Auto-level and adjusted opacity
    9- Channel Mixer infos:

    Red Channel: Brought red to 0 and blue to 100
    Green channel: untouched
    Blue Channel: Brought red to 100 and blue to 0

    adjusted constant to likings

    10- Save new image in Tiff
    11- Resized to 900 pix
    12- Applied sharpening (be careful, not too much, use layers)
    13- Save as jpeg value 9 for web (+/- 200kb)

    Hope this helps
  13. I love very much the first picture, I have never been to infrared photography in the past, maybe I should experiement in that field.
  14. I really enjoy looking at IR pictures..............nice shootin' Yves!! :D  :D  :D 
  15. Thanks Yves for the workflow to some great IR's. I tried like heck to get the S2 converted and couldn't do it so now I finally have a camera that just might produce some nice IR pictures.
  16. I'm glad these got kicked up to the top again Yves as all IR shooters could take a lesson from these images. I say again, well done.
  17. MariaVoniati

    MariaVoniati Guest

    Of course, we like them; they are wonderful pics!

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.
  18. Yves, I am so inspired by the mixing of colors you get with your IR. Do you have any kind of step by step workflow for some of those tricks? Or could you write one? Teach me, oh master. I really do want to learn...
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