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Funny story from a few days ago.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Malis111, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. I recently bought some photography books and they're in my den. So one day I come home to find my little bro,10, looking at one of my books very interested. I was excited, hoping he was interested in photography or something in the magazine.

    He was interested in something alright, just not what I had hoped for. My brother had found the nude portraits and said "Wow, this is a great book"

  2. Very funny Sam.

    When I was 10, I found my older cousin's (he was 19 at the time) "secret stash"!:biggrin:
  3. Ahh, I think we can all relate to that.
  4. paradiddle


    Jun 1, 2007
    The Sears catalog! But had the "real" toy section marked in case you needed to flip the pages if someone came close!

    I got really mad at my father one time for making fun of me for looking at the bra section. The reason I got so mad was because...he was right, I was.
  5. Ahhh, the bra section of the sears catalog. I always went with my mom shopping there just for this.
  6. Lol. awesome story! sound like something i would have done when i was 10. lol
  7. hey, we all went through the....well you know....phase.
  8. thats true. lol
  9. They are well grown now, but when my boys were 10 and 4, I found a shoe box filled with cut out bra, panty, etc, ads from catalogs and magazines. I mean 100's of them.

    I called my 10 y.o. in and demanded an answer. Yeah, right. I told him how bad an example he was setting for his little bro. I could tell by his expression and words, he knew nothing about it.

    I called the 4 y.o. When he came in, I shoved the box in his face and asked if it was his. The expression told it all. In a very pained voice, he admitted it was his. I told him it was totally inappropriate behavior to be doing this. Of course, as I walked out of his room, I was silently saying, "Yeah!"
  10. Your story puts mine to shame.

    Thanks so much for posting it. Love it.
  11. Mart61


    Dec 23, 2006
    Camberley, UK
    Thank heavens for the internet eh? And what are our kids looking at now? Just keep out of their Temporary Internet Files folder!

  12. ^^^Agreed. You might be in for a scare.
  13. Mart61


    Dec 23, 2006
    Camberley, UK
    Scared? Nah! It is I that has pointed out some good sites to my son! (Well, if he has to look at such material, you might as well point him the direction of the good stuff!)

  14. I learned from my dad....but I wouldn't say he directly taught me.
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