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FYI for those who were part of the Epson ink cartridge class action settlement

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sommer, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. The store code that was mailed out with your final claim notice is now active at the Epson Store. I needed to order ink today, so I went to the settlement site and discovered that the claim codes were activated on June 20. I placed my order at the Epson Store and used the code, and it went through without a problem. The codes are only valid for one year after activation, so if you received one, make sure you use it by June 20 of 2008!
  2. fks


    Apr 30, 2005
    sf bay area
    hi sommer-

    thanks for the heads-up. i have the letters on my desk and i've been meaning to order some ink. now i know the codes are ready to go.

  3. Hi Sommer.

    I never heard of this can you provide me with a link or is it to late. I also use an Epson printer.
  4. Thanks for the reminder! Otherwise I would have let this $20 discount slip away . . .
  5. Same here, i had an Epson printer too.
  6. The address for questions regarding the settlement is www.epsonsettlement.com; I'm fairly certain it's too late to get in on it now. I can't even remember when it was first announced or how I heard about it. The claim was settled in late 2006, and letters were sent out with credit codes for those who were part of the class. We were waiting for the appeals period to expire and for the settlement to become final, at which point the the credit codes would be activated. My credit was $45, so I was hoping they'd activate soon!
  7. I have two epson printers and I remember filling out something on this but do not recall getting any letter of notification on the codes. Was that a long time ago and the period of waiting just occurred or did you recently get the letter?
  8. Woo hoo I found my letter. Thank goodness for scanners!

  9. Thank you sommer

    Thanks to epson shipping me three printers due to clogged heads, got three codes. need to order some now, another set at Christmas, and final set next summer. It's the only thing keeping me with epson, i'd replace it tomorrow if I wasn't so dang cheap, LOL
  10. Dave, the letter came last December (it was dated December 20, 2006.) The letter listed the code and the value of the code and said it would be activated at some date in the future, once the appeals period had passed and the settlement became final. I never received anything else from them, but kept that letter in my in-box. I dug out the letter today, as I need ink, checked the settlement site and discovered that the codes had become active on June 20.
  11. Sommer,

    Thank you for reminding me. I need to dig through my old piles of mail and find that letter! :biggrin:
  12. Yeah...........I've got three of them and I'll bet a dollar to a doughnut that I can't find any of them.:Sick:
  13. Me too!! I need to find that letter with the codes on it. I just cannot believe I misplaced the letter somewhere and haven't found it to this day. :mad:  I do know I got an email from Epson saying that this summer the settlement would be finalized and then the codes could be used to purchase ink from the Epson store.

    At least I have 1 year to find that letter!! :Wink:
  14. plim

    plim Guest

    doh! not cool...i got an epson printer back in '05...never received any notice about this class action law suit. didn't see it on any boards either.

    man, i must've had my head in a hole! =(
  15. Only in US

    Ahhh darnit, only in the US. When I changed out my cartridges on Photo RX620 it certainly sounded like good portion of ink was still in there on each one. I tried re-installing and they wouldn't work. Figured it was Epson being cheap and also trying to avoid air lock in the ink system. Great printer though the ink isn't affordable (CDN$75 per cartridge set).
  16. I found my letter! I found my letter!! :smile: It pays to finally sit down and clean out my computer room full of junk, papers all over the place, not to mention a bunch of clothes piled on the spare bed. :redface:

    Used my $45 credit to buy 4 ink cartridges and it came in the mail 2 days later. Quick delivery!
  17. Cope


    Apr 5, 2007
    Houston, Texas
    This is the 1st class action suit I have participated in. The salesman at Fry's grossly misrepresented the printer and ink usage, and I had just gone out and bought new ink when the letter from the court arrived. I paid $79.95 for the printer and got a $45 settlement.
  18. Yeah, same here. But I had the last laugh; I bought a chip resetter and identical inks, and keep refilling my carts. I'd have spent more than $600 on 'genuine' ink by now.

    Which reminds me, it's time to buy more replacement ink. ;) 

    The chip resetter works great on the original epson chips, too. So when I got the whole thing the first thing I did was take my "empty" cartridges and reset them, and printed off a TON more pages. :Whistle:

    If nothing else, every Epson user should buy a chip resetter. Replacement inks can vary (stay far away from the crap they sell on ebay!), but there's no reason not to pull the ink out of the cartridges you already own. (My cartridges showed zero ink when they were only about 35% used! I had to reset them TWICE before they ran out of ink!)
  19. Cope


    Apr 5, 2007
    Houston, Texas
    The lawsuit did not apply to all Epson printers, so if yours was registered with Epson and they did not contact you, it probably was not one of the affected models. If you failed to register it, they had no way to know you had one.
  20. jcovert

    jcovert Guest

    Don't worry, at least the lawyers still got paid. I'll never own anything Epson again personally. 2's a charm with me.
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