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  1. Did they all make it??? They sure did Gale and here are some from a long distance growing up over a period of time. I’m photographing from about 600 feet and I used my 800mm on my 20D for the extra 1.6 factor. They are out of the nest here and are feeling their wings with the wind under them and in about 8 to 10 days I will see first flights and a lot of laughs.
    I have a great job but the pay is not to good and the boss is tough.

    1 Mom is coming in with a fish and all heck will break loose

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  2. 8 Mom says enough I’m leaving

    9 She is out of there
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    10 Lunch is done and it’s time to relax.
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    Yes Gale they all made it just fine and that was # 9,10, and 11 for this pair.

  3. That is a great sequence Lou. Thanks for sharing it.
  4. Thanks Buckeye I am glad you enjoyed it as right now it it starting all over again.
  5. WOW, Lou! Completely awsome! You should be working for National Geographic! I'm loving this!
  6. AndrewJ

    AndrewJ Guest

    Great job Lou, all great shots!
  7. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Wow Lou
    Well that is sure unusual. Good parents and healthy they were. I don't hear of three making it very often.
    That is alot of BIG birds for the parents and the sibling rivalry for them all to survive.
    Thank You so much for showing this
    Nice shots to.

    I will take all the nature you can throw at me Lou. I love it.
    Wish I could survive in the woods:>))) hahahahha
  8. Thanks Dianne but the photos are poor due to the distance and the cropping as even though 800MM sounds like a lot at 600 feet it wont produce sharp images and mainly due to all the heat waves and other junk in the air the additional power picks up. This type of photography I do mostly for the info provided by the camera. All dates and times are recorded so I don't have to keep notes anymore.
  9. Hey Andrew J good to hear from you on this forum and thanks. I really liked those long ones you took a few days ago. I am off now to look for my white red tail as I think I got a good fix on where she and her mate are going to nest as I found a new nest in her area. Wish me luck.
  10. Thanks Gale and I am happy I could provide this info to you and all the rest. You are right about the survival rate and if the first born is a female (larger bird) it goes even higher. I always cheer the underdog when I watch in my scope as the parent tears a fish apart and gives out the pieces to whoever can grap it and that most of the time is the bigger of the young and sometimes it will push a smaller sibeling out of the nest to it's death just for the food. A lot depends on the food supply. If it is plentyful the rate is highter and where these guys live trout fishermen would like to get and wet a fly or two:smile: We have had good luck with triplets for the passed several years and I hope it continues.
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