Gambel's Quail

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Louis Champan, May 17, 2017.

  1. Just got back from a 4 day fly fishing trip during which I got a few photography opportunities. Got these quail one morning on my way back into a favorite lake I typically fished early in the morning.
    DSC_1822 72wf.jpg

    DSC_5846-2 72wf.jpg

    DSC_2224 72wf.jpg

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  2. Allan


    Apr 21, 2006
    Nashua, NH
    Well done = capture and processing. I have seen these only at Bosque.
  3. Butlerkid

    Butlerkid Cafe Ambassador Moderator

    Apr 8, 2008
    Rutledge, Tennessee
    You always seem to be shooting something interesting!!!!! Well done.....I like #3 the best.
  4. Really nice photos, Louie, but, aren't those California Quail?
  5. Beautiful images!

    What camera gear do you take with you when fishing?

    Was the fishing any good? (Obviously the birding was!)
  6. Hi Jim and thanks for commenting. The fishing was superb better than the shooting to be honest. I was catching 12 to 14 inch rainbows using a 3wt outfit with a sink tip line and a few of my special hand-tied soft hackle flies. I fish from a pontoon boat so I'm a bit leary of taking any expensive photo gear with me in the boat, so it usually my little Panasonic, not brave enough to take my D500 and 300pf. Most of my shooting takes place during my drive back into the lakes. I've got a shot of a tom turkey trying to impress a female that I'll post in a day or so, came around the corner in the road and there they were in the middle of the road.
  7. According to my books the only difference between the California and Gambel's Quail is the small reddish brown tuffs on the top of their heads and these have that, so I figured that's what they were. Thanks for observing the types of quail and comments, appreciate it.
  8. I'm in the California Quail camp--scaled belly and pale forehead, and they are found in western WA (Gambel's are much further south, according to Sibley).

    #3 is a killer!
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  9. As luck would have it, I downloaded the Audubon Bird ID app for my iPhone just an hour ago, and this was my first use. I agree on California Quail.
  10. Great shots Louis, number 3 is my fav
  11. Beautiful, Louie!
  12. jbird


    Jun 22, 2016
    Sugar Land, Texas
    Great shots Louie. I also concur with the California Quail. I checked my copy of iBirds. It is the markings on the neck that does it. Both birds are very similar.
  13. Thanks Nick, I'll go along with the general opinion that it's a California Quail, it was only the reddish tuff on the top of the head that gave me concern as to ID'ing it as such.

    Thanks very much Jim.

    Thanks for commenting, California Quail it is.
  14. Well I learnt something today. I thought when I saw them that they where California Quails. But then again I have never seen nor heard of the Gambel's quails, so that was neat to get to know. But then again if they are "just" the regular C Quails, I will say that they are just perfect images of them, especially #3, I would take any one of them though, Nice shooting!
  15. Thanks for taking a look, most appreciate your comments.

    Thanks very much Dossy.

    Hi Andreas, and thank you very much. I learned something here as well, both of these quail look almost identical except for a small tuff on their head and their breast colors. BTW, didn't find nearly as many as we did on our trip last year.
  16. We have had a covey or 2 in our backyard the past several years. They are late this year. They have been "accidentally" introduced here by people "accidentally" having birds from bird farms "escape".
  17. Thanks Nick, that might explain why I didn't see very many so far this year. I thought that the extremely wet winter might have had a negative effective on the young etc., because I didn't see any babies as I did last year at this time. I still think this the quail is a great bird to photography if you can catch them in the right spot/background.
  18. Randy


    May 11, 2006
    Great set Louie
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