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GBH, Snowy Egret - Critique Please

Discussion in 'Birds' started by helmet155, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. My girlfriend and I went to Bolsa Chica yesterday and took these shots...she is getting into it and said she wants a camera now! Wildlife has really turned her on to the hobby :)  We sat and took shots of a GBH for a while but he was sleeping I guess...didn't move for at least an hour.

    Here are some of the shots I got, I blew all the flight shots. I'm having a hard time with AF-C focus on my D70 even when shooting stationary objects hoping they are going to take off...anyway here's the pics!

    Please critique





    Above is a 100% crop, he let me get really close, he was perched on an ugly fence...
  2. very enjoyable Brett. I like number 2 and number one best
  3. I particularly like your White Egret shots. You have done a nice job with the white. It's very tricky I find shooting whites if the light is even a tad off you get blown highlights.
  4. Great shots; especially #2.

    I've found that my D70 does a good job on Snow Geese and am not surprised at how well your snowy egret turned out (which is quite well BTW...). As for me, when I shoot AF-C, I switch the rear AE-L/AF-L button to "AF On". (Menu option # 15.) If I want to single focus, I just press the button a couple of times to make sure I got it then squeeze the trigger. For continuous, I just keep it pressed. I find that acquiring the initial focus in AF-C is the trick. Once the D70 locks on, it usually tracks just fine as long as you pan smoothly w/the subject.

    Thanks for sharing!
  5. bfjr

    bfjr Guest

    These are good, Brett
    what time yesterday ? The DW and I were there as well, came in through the backside since the bridge (I hope) is being replaced.

    You got a GBH catching a decent size fishy, WTG !! :smile: the focus looks good on that one and if you wanted more sharpness you just needed a faster shutter speed.
    The exposures on all of them look fine
  6. Very good shots of the snowy. I know how difficult they are to shoot without blowing the shot out.
    The only critique I might have is number 2 which is a great shot to be done in portrait to get the full bird.
    How were you metering? I have often had to spot or go failly low on the EV not to get serious highlighs?
  7. Jim, thanks for the tip on the AF-On option, I hadn't tried that, but I do use the AE-lock a lot. I will try the AF-on option next weekend when I head out there.

    Ben, we were there in the late afternoon, from 4 to about 6:30...we walked all the way to the paved 'walkway' where I got all these shots...the GBH was hanging out on the ugly yellow barrier they put up (maybe it's a hatchery there?) I'd like to meet up with you there sometime. I'm lens limited right now but should be into a 300 + TC soon which I am excited for the extra reach...

    Rich thanks! The still shots of the snowy where his feet are cropped out is because he was sitting on a rusted fence - it looked pretty bad! I need to shoot more in portrait, but I find it a little frustrating with the D70 - I'll get used to it with practice though...

    As for metering, I used matrix for #1, spot metered off the chest of snowy in #2, spot meter off the tail feathers in #3 and #4 spot meter off the chest! I have Ron Reznick's book on metering and exposure and try to use what I read in his ebook...
  8. bfjr

    bfjr Guest

    send me a PM with your email we'll keep in touch. Myself and Jeff (sometimes more) try to go at least once a week, usually Sunday. We must of past each other was heading back to the Jeep around same time. I was the one with the stupid look :smile: and NikonCafe hat!!
    I hate that yellow thingy, but the birdies like it, go figure
    300+TC is all I shot right now, seems to work out most of time. Saving for that 500!!
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