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Geeze, another new camera..

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by stephen.s1, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. After refreshing my love affair with rangefinder cameras, and making photographs that only they do so well, I sold my D200.

    But not it's lenses...

    Now that I don't have to carry a big fat SLR and it's big fat lens for everything I shoot. I decided to buy a bigger, fatter, camera :rolleyes:  and use it for the shots that a primo SLR makes with ease.

    So he says... He really wanted a D2Xs. :biggrin:

    The UPS man will be here shortly with the new black box. Can't wait.
  2. The Xs is a great camera. A good move.
  3. Congrats Stephen. I really like my Xs. Can't wait to see your shots with it.
  4. You will LOVE the D2Xs!!! For a long time I had wrestled with the decision about buying a D2X....then time passed and Nikon brought out the D2Xs...and I wrestled some more with the idea, telling myself I needed to be "ready" for such a camera. Finally I went ahead and bought it. A few shutter snaps later and after viewing my images I wondered why the heck I'd waited so long! This is a phenomenal camera and I love mine dearly, even more than the D200. The D200 is a great camera, no doubt about it, but the D2X(s) carries the photographer to the next level and it is so rewarding....

    Congratulations and enjoy!
  5. that is great Stephen! you will love it
  6. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    I agree, you will love it. I had a D200, and really liked it a lot, but it was involved in an accident, so Andreas loaned me his spare D2X for a week. I was impressed.
  7. Thanks guys. I'm at the part where I'm trying to RTFM... :)  It looks like it's gonna fill a niche here. Can't wait to hang the 200mm F2 on it and sneak up on some birdies.. :) 

    I really didn't think it'd be too far from my D200. But it's parsecs away. If I'd known that, I would have had one at least a year ago.

    It'll never be my walk-around camera. The Leica M8 has that job sewn up. At the risk of being tossed outta the cafe', let me say that if y'all have the chance to use one, try it.

    Again, thanx for all the good wishes.
  8. That is just what I discovered, too! Once I started using the D2Xs I saw that there is a huge difference in many significant ways.... I still love my D200 but definitely if I could have only one camera, it would be the D2Xs, hands-down.

    Shhh....don't tempt me!!! All I need now is to start exploring the whole Leica system -- my poor bank account would NEVER survive!
  9. As a D200 owner, tell me why I must begin my lust for the D2xs.

    Can you describe the actual differences? Fast focusing, controls, what?

    Just curious........
  10. Well, for the last year and a half or so when shooting with my D200 and seeing others with their D2X cameras, I really wasn't sure what the big differences were. Price, definitely, and I could see that the body was constructed with the battery grip as an integral unit and that there were a couple or few more buttons on the body.... I knew that there was the High-speed Crop feature (HSC) but only a few times heard a shutter firing lickety-split as someone used that to quickly capture action.

    Came the night I bought my D2Xs.... Brought it home, and my first surprise was the battery. HUGE!!! Dutifully began charging it and set about putting the strap (I use Op-Tech rather than the one Nikon provides) on the body, plus looking over the body in general and reading through parts of the manual. At this point I was having a touch of Buyer's Remorse and thinking, "oh, maybe I shouldn't have done this!"

    Next day, first thing, I installed the battery in the camera and did the setup. FInally I was ready to fire my first shot. Traditionally, since way back to about my second Coolpix, my first shot is always of the box the camera came in. Don't know why, but that's what I do. Never keep those photos, but it's just my little ritual. I slipped a lens on, positioned the box and instructed it to smile, then focused and clicked the shutter. WOW!! I immediately clicked the shutter again for another shot because I loved the sound and feel of it -- now THERE's a shutter that means business!!! It has a decisive snap to it, a decisveness and precision that none of my other cameras has had. Yes, the D200 has a nice shutter sound, too, but the D2Xs just sounds...WOW!!!

    Once I got through marveling at that I did a few test shots around the house and then went outside for more.... Buyer's Remorse had flown out the window. This baby is a keeper!

    Yes, the focusing is definitely a bit faster. That is part of that decisiven shutter snap that I hear every time I make an exposure. Many of the controls are the same as on the D200, which I found helpful, as there was less of a learning curve than going from the D70 to the D200 had been, and then there are a few extras. I especially like the additional information that is provided by the smaller LCD on the back (it's in the grip area). The camera body feels substantial in the hand but also provides good balance when using longer and heavier lenses. The D40 and the D80 feel like toys in comparison after one has handled the D2X/s!

    I'm sure that there are specific point-by-point comparisons that one could make between the D200 and the D2Xs, but all I can say is that I am very, very happy that I did go ahead and get this camera. I'm not giving up my D200, though! One thing I like to do when out shooting birds is to put the D2Xs on the tripod with a longer, heavier lens and then use the D200 around my neck with a different lens for more flexibility and mobility. The two cameras complement each other and for me make a good working pair (no way I am going to run out and buy a second D2Xs as backup, the way I did with my D200!).

    I love my D200 and always will....but there is something about that D2Xs that takes me to another level and I love it even more. Are my photos any better? Not necessarily! :smile:
  11. InitialD


    Mar 12, 2007
    Hmmm, 11 area AF module (Multi-Cam 2000) of which 9 (not 1) are cross type sensors, 37 ms shutter lag, 80 ms viewfinder blackout, ambient external WB sensor, HSC crop mode are some of the things. Speed of AF if phenomenal.
  12. I went from a D200 to a second hand (but as new, less than 1500 shots) D2x with the latest firmware. I loved the D200 but the D2x just feels so much more of a camera. Its solid as a rock, which I much prefered over the D200 as I had the grip on the 200 and it always felt a bit flimpsy.

    Another feature I love on the D2x is when manually focusing you get arrows on either side of the in focus circle, so you can get a better idea of when you ahve your focus spot on in manual mode.
  13. Thanks Connie, Jason and Richard for all the great feedback. I have no doubt that is better but was just looking for specifics and all of you have done a great job informing me some those actual differences between the D200 and D2x(s). I now have a new lust I think? For now, I will try hard to get all I can out of my D200. Perhaps I can get one once the D3 actually comes to market.
  14. I just reread what I had written here and I think I need to add a little clarification. Actually, yes, my photos are better in one sense -- especially when shooting BIF and fast action I am coming home with more keepers than I had in the past. What I meant, though, here, was that regardless of the camera body or the lens, the most critical element behind any photograph is the person working with that gear -- the fanciest, most expensive camera or lens in the world does not guarantee better photographs. Just because I am now shooting with a D2Xs my photographs have not suddenly become stellar prize-winners! The gear helps, yes, but it is not the only component in the creation of good images.
  15. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    too bad the 200 and the Xs still bite at higher iso's
  16. this is not a problem for me. the camera excels so well in the ISO ranges that I shoot that i dont give this a thought.
  17. I've got a couple of beautiful images taken at ISO 800 on my D2x. One of them I converted to b&w and printed at A3 and it looks stunning. Of course the b&w conversion helped but even in colour I wasn't that concerned about the noise. Its all about getting that exposure right :) 

    That'll do me, and its very rare I need to go that high anyway.
  18. Yep, I totally understand that! And agree. :wink:
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