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Mar 9, 2005
North Jersey
Hello All,

I need your HELP !!!

I don't know how I got to this point but I'm considering or thinking about D2X. Can you believe it ?.

I'm still in "crawling" phase but just like any bigger project / expense I like to talk about, research it and change my mind at least 10 times :wink:

My question is not an easy one and probably there is no 100% answer to it but rather a wild guess and assumptions.

I'm a happy D70 owner but I would really like to take it to the next level and go with D2X. My D200 patience is running low and I just can't do it anymore. By the time they release it, I would be enjoying D2X to the fullest.

My questions:

#1. How will D200 release affect D2X demand and price ? Will the price of D2X drop dramatically (more then $1000). Will the demand of D2X drop to the point where I would have a problem selling one, just in case.

#2. At the moment I'm thinking about buying D2X and keeping D70 for smaller occasions where I could use compact and light camera with internal quick flash. Eventually sell D70 and use my small P&S for those very small occasions.

#3. I'm really thinking about this now b/c D70s and D50 release is coming soon and I just don't want to sell my currect D70 for less then $500. This would be a big stab in a back.

#4. I'm also thinking about buying D2X, playing with it for a year or so and then thinking about selling it and buying D200. I know this may sound "stupid" and counter-productive but that is my future plan. I'm sure that after few months of hopefully successful experience I won't look into D200 but .....

behind all this long story, money is an object and I need to play my budget right.

What are your thoughts ? :wink:
Feb 6, 2005
South SF Bay Area, CA.
Hi Jay,

Here is some food for thought. What you are looking for in the D2X? The pro body, the megapixels for landscapes? How big do you need to print? Do you have the proper PC equipment and large CF cards to post-process those big raw files? If not, that's even more stuff to get and more $$$...

I am in your position too and I made my mind up: I am going for a D2H, to get better focusing (CAM2000 vs CAM900) and a larger viewfinder than the D70, primarily. The other attributes (except maybe size and weight?) are nice too, including the weather sealing.

I figure that I won't need anything else for the foreseable future, D200 or not: I doubt the D200, which may still be a year away before someboday can get their hands on one, will have anything up on the D2H, except it might be 8-10 megapixels, which won't do me any good, as I don't print larger than 8x12... Even so, if a shot does not need extensive cropping, I'm told that the D2H prints well up to 16x20 or even 20x30, and I have certainly seen some stunning prints from it at 13x19.

Yes, the D2HS probably has some color and noise advantage over the D2H, but I have seen the work for Yves, Ron and the multitude of talented photographers here to know that I will be the weakest link, not the camera! ;-)
Mar 24, 2005
Bainbridge Island, Washington
Hey Jay,
For what it's worth, i am sure that many here understand and relate to your situation. I think the best answer to your question is to look back in history about 3 years. As I recall the D100 had very little effect on the price of the D1x. The D1x held it's price for a long time (in digital camera terms).

The thing you need to do is measure the digital camera for cost benefit vs owner satisfaction and then factor in what you can afford. DSLR cameras are a terrible investment but very satisfying to own. you will never get your money back if you sell it in two years. To get any value at all you really need to keep it and use it for a long long time.

The good news is, I think that the technology is on the down side of the bell curve. The D2 fixed what was wrong with the D1 and did it well. The next version of the DXx will IMHO will have less large changes than the difference between the D1 and the D2 which was mostley resolution and speed. I think the D2 has enough technology built in to last most of us here for many years to come.

The D200 will probably be a slower smaller resolution camera with less options for focus. There will probably still be about the same difference in price that we saw with the D1x and the D100.

Good luck. Not that it matters but I was determined to hang with my D1x and buy more big glass and wait for the D3 or a significant drop in price before buying a D2x. I now have a D2x and no new glass. The temptation overwhelmed me. i am now convinced that the D3 is in the far distant future 3 to 5 years with no significant price drop on 2x. I am also convinced that there will be little more than what is currently available on the D2x on the D3, (probably bigger buffer and two CF slots or CF and SD slots, 8 fps w/o cropping possibly a small bump in resolution but I doubt it). One area that could still change is the dust on the sensor. That would be a welcome fix. The only place really left of interest for Nikon to go is to full frame but that has become a non issue for me.
Mar 9, 2005
I did it.

Had a D100, then bought the D2H at the "fire sale", then had a D2X preordered, and the $$ saved, so I went for it.
Observations from a total amateur:
1]I LOVE both the D2H and the D2X. D2X is in the shop getting cleaned, so I took the "H" on vacation last week. Oh my God, is this a capable camera!!
2]D2X IS better--incredible resolution, better color gradations, crop thingy is really quite cool....BUT all of this comes with the price of really big files (I'm used to them now, don't bother me anymore), and really big price.
3]Once you get used to the mechanical aspects of either the "H" or the "X", you WILL NOT be able to go backward (ie D200 if it has anything lesser, mechanically (AF, frame rate, "feel"). I repeat--once you are accustomed to the D2 series "feel", nothing lesser will satisfy you.
Just get one of 'em. You will not be sad. I would not entirely rule out a D2H. Don't laugh--those are 4 KICK BUTT megapixels.
Here are a few from the trip (D2H):
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Mar 18, 2005
Ellamore, WV
Real Name
Nikon Cafe
yowza!!! I feel the same way on this. I have both the d2x and d2h after going from an F5 to the d70, I felt I would be way happier with the pro body and features. The d2h is still my favorite for ease of use and capability.
Feb 2, 2005
Sudbury, Massachusetts
I had a similar problem about a year about. I was shooting the D100 and was looking for something closer to the F100 I left behind. After trying a D2H I decided I was done with the slower AF, frame rate and buffer of the D100. I love my D2H, but like Philippe I don't go much larger then 8x12. I too my D2x money and bought lens and an Epson P2000 (great toy BTW) and I'm glad I did.
Apr 24, 2005
Denver, CO

I was in a similar position just last week. The better half told me to buy a D2x( :shock: ) after I was talking about it over dinner one night. After a few days trying to find one to test drive. Then the panic over WB and Adobe (silly rabbit I don't use ACR).

Then I got to take one for a spin. Very nice camera, but I didn't buy it. I have no idea how I turned it down. It was just to much camera for me at this time. A D200 down the road will be better for me. I bought a 300mm f4 and an Epson R1800 instead.

It came down to a question of need or want. I wanted it but didn't need it for what I can do now.

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