Genuine Fractals for enlarging D2h images.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Scott Sherman, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. Has anyone tried Genuine Fractals 4.0 Software to enlarge D2h images for print. Now that I am getting a camera with an iddy biddy teeny weeny sensor, I will have to figure how to milk every pixel for what it is worth.

    I used Genuine fractals when it was in early development and it was good but required an odd work flow.

    If you use something else or have compared different methods of enlarging for print, that would be interesting also.

    Fred Miranda has some well respected plug in's for Photoshop and of course Photoshop CS has gotten better with bicubic interpolating and 10% upressing.
  2. good question........ I know people have been using Nikon Capture, believe Doug B. was getting great results with it, and others using Qimage with great success.... I guess in many ways its a personal thing. I know I use both and very happy with the end result. the biggest I have printed with the D2h is 16x20 though.....and I know many that go much larger ;-)
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