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Discussion in 'People' started by virtuamike, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. Did a shoot for a small marketing company today. He wanted some basic portraits but also said be creative, so I got to have some fun.







    Full set:
  2. Very creative Mike. How did your client like the shots? My favorite is the last one.
  3. Thx Gordon! I hope he likes them. Heh, got a little fancy with my technique too. The mask is a bracketed shot, blended 2 exposures since it's next to impossible lighting up the face without that horrible mask shadow. The last 2 in the series (including the pitch) were done with fill flash. Didn't have batteries in the SB-600 so I ended up using the built-in on the D70, pretty happy with the results considering I almost never use flash. And I did plenty of shooting on the wide end of the 17-55. It's really fun to play with.
  4. Great shots it shows the relax feeling of the photoshoot. I love it when people say you are free to photograph him in the "best" way. I love the 4th photo.

    It brings out that all man allways keep the little boy inside off them. It is like kate bush her song "the man with the child in his eyes" The big man with the little car. The rest of the shots are very good and funny.

    The one in your album number 3 is very good for portrait shot. So if he finds the other photo's to much then that one will do perfectly. But i bet he loves all the photo's and i bet you will get alot of other people wanting such a fun photoshoot with you.

  5. Very impressive style here!
  6. These are all so wonderful. Shows the humanity and fun side of things. I really like the first one with the tennis ball. Was wondering what your steps to creating this were.
  7. Thx Vince! Thx Dave!

    Not too many steps. He had a huge tennis ball and I saw a small old wood racket hanging on the wall. Told him to pretend like he's about to serve it, and then went wide to exaggerate the size difference.
  8. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    Cool shots Mike, bet he likes em. Love the tennis ball shot. I wondered how you pulled that off...til you explained the huge tennis ball.
  9. The last one.

    :smile: Loved the last shot!!!
  10. I love all of them specially the first and last, that 17-55 really has a lot of DOF and is very sharp.
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