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Get the D90 for $850 - no bull

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by GroovyGeek, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Hopefully this is not in violation of some Cafe guideline, but here we go... Details are at this link

    I already placed my order and can see the cashback in my account. This also works for the D300 ($1381 NIB after cashback) or anything else J&R sells. Someone else on FatWallet also managed to order the 70-200 VR for $1426 NIB after cashback. Other participating merchants with lower cashback percentages are Cameta (10%) and B&H (5%). YMMV, don't blame me if you order and some administrative snafu prevents you from getting the rebate.
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  2. I've yet to actually talk to someone who received their money yet.
  3. There are plenty of people who have received money from the eBay/PayPal/BIN/Live deal. My first payment from that same deal is due in a week. By the way, for those willing to believe that Microsoft is does not intend to rip them off, J&R also has the D700, after cashback the net price will be $2550. If you need a D700 anyway, and are going to be buying new, what is there to loose? Worse case you pay the exact same as you would at most any other authorized Nikon dealer.
  4. This looks like a good deal to me. The companies who are selling the products are well-known, very trustworthy companies, and the cash back program is through live.com which is owned by Microsoft. See Microsoft’s Live Search Cashback Scheme Fails To Move The Market Share Needle

    I've used cash back programs like ebates.com that worked great and this seems like something very similar. It looks like the program is new, just started Aug. 28th, so no one's had a chance to see any checks. It will take a couple of months to get your money, just like ebates did. I think the large 15%!!! cash back is because it's a promotion for a new service. I wouldn't expect that figure to stay that high forever. Ebates dropped the size of their rebates after they got started, and now I almost never use them.

    I'm not shooting as much as I was a year ago, or I would grab this one so fast. The D90 is one sweet camera.
  5. Reading some of those posts on fatwallet makes me want to stay here. :cool: 
  6. gadgetguy11


    Nov 16, 2005
    Thank you for the post, GroovyGeek!

    I just pre-ordered a D90 per your instructions through Live Search Cash back for $849.99 with free shipping through J&R. As you described, even though they do not charge your MasterCard until they ship the camera, the Cash Back posted in 5 minutes!

    I ordered a D700 using the same method, but was not aware that you can pre-order a D90 and get cash back until you posted this.

    Thanks again!!

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  7. If someone on this forum actually gets the cash back, not just a number posted I might want to make a pull for this. But on FW people have been complaining about cash back being declined.
  8. gadgetguy11


    Nov 16, 2005
    You might find it financially more attractive to make a pull for this sooner, rather than later, if you plan to buy a D90. I preordered this morning, locking in the price at $849. This afternoon J&R reduced their Cash Back discount from 15% to 6%. The new net cost bumps from $849 to $939.

    D700 and D300 both raised $$$ proportionately.
  9. jStat


    Dec 11, 2007
    Janesville, WI
  10. bigsushi


    Jul 22, 2008
    Cotonou, Benin
    Damn. I was waiting for at least one full review of this camera before I bought it.

    Does anyone know if the price will drop below the MSRP once the camera is actually released?
  11. Now down to 2%. Holy Cow, I've never seen anything drop so fast! Hope someone was able to take advantage of the deal before it dropped.
  12. bigsushi


    Jul 22, 2008
    Cotonou, Benin
    This is strange. I'm refreshing (ctrl+f5) the live.com page and the J&R percentage keeps going from 15% to 6% and then back to 15% and when I click on the store link it gives me 6% no matter what the live.com page said previously.

    Other store's percentages change seemingly at random also.
  13. I not getting 2% anymore, just 15% and 6%, but when I click on the link it says 6%.
  14. zandym


    Apr 14, 2006
    Good thing I was able to order one yesterday :) 
  15. bigsushi


    Jul 22, 2008
    Cotonou, Benin
    I contacted CS for live.com about the percentages changing back and forth and they were apparently running a back-to-school special which ended today and that is making their site a little screwy.

    I wish I had known it was a special deal with an expiration date. I would have placed my order before today. Now I can only hope the price drops some once the D90 is released.
  16. gadgetguy11


    Nov 16, 2005
    6% off is still the best deal out there, from an outstanding retailer: $939 with free shipping. You could preorder it, and cancel before it is shipped if the price drops or you find a better deal - which I doubt will happen. The only thing that happens to the Cash Back on that item, is obvious: it is cancelled, too.
  17. bigsushi


    Jul 22, 2008
    Cotonou, Benin
    Yeah it's definitely still a good deal at 6%. I'd be surprised if the cash back percentage drops again so I think I'll just wait it out as I planned originally for a full review on the D90 and possibly some price reductions once the D90 ships.

    Even if the price doesn't change once the D90 is released, I'd rather wait for a full review and the peace of mind that I'm doing the right thing since this will be a fairly large purchase for me and one I will have to live with for quite some time.
  18. I would be stunned if the CB deal does NOT drop again. I have been "playing" the eBay CB game with photo gear for a few months now, and it went from 35% to 25% to 20% back to 25% then down to 15% and now stands at 8%. I don't know what's in it for MSFT, it must cost them a fortune. They are probably deluding themselves that by offering a ridiculous % off for starters then ratcheting it down, people will get in the habbit of using live.com instead of Google. Well, let me illuminate the marketing geniuses at Live.com ---- yeah, when hell freezes over! I will probably check them out when I am looking to buy something, but for day-to-day use I will remain firmly in the Google camp.
  19. dhean


    Dec 16, 2007
    Arggg 6%...I was eying a d300 when it was at 15% this weekend. :( 
  20. What am I missing...what is the Ebay cashback game?
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