Getting near the end...

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  1. ...of summer, lots of flowers look tired now...

    S2 with Tamron SP90 - 1:60 @ f/22 with onboard flash - ISO 200

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  2. I like the nice soft lighting on this last bloom of summer Jean-Pierre. You have demonstrated your point well.
  3. Hi Gordon ! thanks for commenting... Elsewhere (!) I've been told that it looked dark... it's been done on purpose, but i guess it doesn't produce on other people the effect i thought it might do :wink: !
  4. I agree wih Gordon about the nice soft lighting. One can see it since there is no presence of shadows. Very good lighting revealing the texture of the flower.
  5. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl

    Very pleasant flower.

    Not looking foward to winter. But boy is is hot right now. Just a bit cooler would be nice :>)))
  6. I like this image.

    I actually prefer such photographs as I believe they display more character. Not just what is, but the passage of time.
  7. Thanks all for the comments :smile: ! On this pic, i tried to force the eye to go incrementally (sp?) from LIGHT to DARK, as well as from FRONT to BACK, meaning to show the transition from summer to autumn... But maybe this was too much of an "twisted intellectual thinking" :rolleyes: !?!

    About the lighting: the original wasn't "exactly" like that :tongue: ... Thanks to PS, one can "re-arrange" the crude truth !
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