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GGS or similar screen protector for D700?

Discussion in 'Nikon FX DSLR Forum' started by puddleduck, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. I hate the stock plastic protectors - is anyone using a GGS or similar (GGS D300 version looks like it may fit in a pinch)

  2. Depending on how hard you are on them, you might not need one.

    I've had nothing on either of my D3's from new and the tempered glass screens are totally unmarked despite being slung in and out of bags etc..

    The first thing I did on the D700 is take the screen protector off!
  3. Eye Spy

    Eye Spy Guest

    Me too! With my D200 and 300 I left them off also, never had a scratch on the LCD.
  4. Its actually nose grease. I passed my D700 round the office for folks to have a look-see and I've got enough nose grease to build a DNA database.

    The GGS stuff doesn't seem such a grease magnet, and is easier to clean!
  5. Now that is a problem - I'm forever cleaning my screens.
  6. I always leave the original protectors on when they come with them, though if I remember the D3's screen is made of hardened glass much harder than the d300 and possibly the d700 simply because they both come with protectors.

  7. They didn't fit the D3 with a screen because of a late change to the VF box. The screens are all the same.
  8. I use GGS on all my bodies. Nose grease is still an issue. but, it being solid glass, I can just wipe it down with my shirt and not worry about the scratches.
  9. I'm pretty sure I read or was told that the glass screen cover for the TFT on the D3 was harder than that of the D300 and possibly the D700, but I'm quite happy to be wrong as I always leave the original if it comes with one protective cover on.


  10. I would love to know if the GGS screen protectors work. Loved in my D300... I would think the rear LCD should be the same, unsure of the top one.
  11. Tosh


    May 6, 2005
    I use the GGS screens.
    At only $12 or so, that's less than the cost of shipping the camera to Nikon Service if the original LCD is somehow scratched or damaged if left bare. Not to mention the "out of my hands" cost.
  12. Glenn, do you think the D300 ones will fit the D700 screens?
  13. corns5


    Mar 21, 2008
    I bought a 'Zapp, Invisible Screen Protector' for my D80 and love it! Can't tell that it's there and works to protect! Just my .02 !
  14. Rich,

    I have the GGS screen for the D300 that I never got around to mounting. As far as I can tell the main screen protector is a direct fit to the D700. However the small 'top' lcd screen protector is too long - didn't realize it is shorter than the D300 - must be because of the larger prism housing?

  15. Thanks Roger, I thought the top LCD looked shorter and wider. The rear one looks like a match.
  16. Personally, I've never had an issue with my little plastic OEM screen protector. Sure, after a year of moderately heavy use, it has no deep scratches in it, which indicates to me that the glass LCD screen would be in just as good a shape. But, all it takes is one hard hit or scrape, and you've got a nasty permanent reminder of why Nikon includes the little plastic one. I would much rather replace a $10 plastic screen than I would spend a couple hundred or whatever it costs to have the LCD screen repaired. My plastic screen is nice and clear, and doesn't seem to affect the image quality as long as it's wiped clean. When ever I get nose grease on it, a quick wipe with my thumb clears it right away. I would be scared to wipe the LCD screen with my thumb, as any small amount of grit on the screen can start to leave a lot of little fine scratches... something my plastic cover does have. So, yeah, I'll be keeping my plastic screen in place for sure, unless the GGS ones are better quality. Someone mentioned they were glass? Is this true? Where can I read about them?
  17. yeah look at shieldzone.com - I use them on all my phones, camera screens etc...
  18. GGS protectors are really nice. Read up on DPreview, people's experiences with them (and other stuff too). Yes they are thin tempered glass. Very nice!
  19. They are so much better than the stock protector.

    I use them on all my cameras - they look like part of the camera, moreso than Nikon's clunky solution.
  20. rolsen


    Apr 12, 2008
    I use Invisible Shield in my Garmin GPS, highly recommended in that purpose, don't see why it won't work with our Nikons too.

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