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Ghost car

Discussion in 'Film Forum' started by Chris101, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. Just love this shot! Damn a beetle still running!
  2. It must be an apparition. The owner is probably in that graveyard.
  3. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Thanks Samuel and Ray. I sold my 1966 white beetle just a couple months ago. It was like seeing a ghost.
  4. infrared film I assume??? Nice shot.

  5. Chris, I really like the look of these. IR I guess. I just received some efke IR 820 will that give me a similar look?
  6. Nice effect.
  7. Nice, old bugs are still running. I had a Karmann Ghia and a 1968 bug back in the 70's and was able to do a lot of the repairs on both.
  8. Sangetsu


    Apr 18, 2009
    There are old VW Beetles and micro busses running around in Japan (where few old cars exist, "cash for clunkers" is an old program in Japan). If they have them here, they'll have them everywhere. Especially in a rust-free environment like Arizona. I had a '62, '64, and a '70. I paid $100 each for them back in the '80s, and all of them were drivable.
  9. cool shot! infrared?
  10. Very nice shot Chris! its nice to see old V-Dubs still running, just like its nice to see new ones like the sti, and impreza :biggrin:
  11. Hovmod


    Aug 11, 2008
    the way the light falls on this made me think of Bogart and Bacall, even though I can't remember ever seeing them in a VW...
  12. shtarka1


    Feb 1, 2008
    Chris, your becoming my Hero! Im lovin your work!!!:smile:
  13. Like the apparition is was...it has vanished! I wanted to ask if this was Aura or HIE???
  14. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Yup. Thanks! (read on ...)

    It should Samuel. Efke, or rather Fotokemica (the company that makes Efke film, in Samobor, Croatia), has two infrared films, Efke 820 and Aura, both of which are nominally 100 speed films. This is Aura, which does not have an anti-halation layer. This means that there is a lot of contrast robbing blooming (similar to flare, but internal to the film, as the light can bounce back and forth between the front and back of the emulsion) in this film. That blooming gives rise to the characteristic glow this film has. This is the only film since HIE that works this way, and I'm sure is made and marketed to appeal to former HIE users, like me.

    Thanks Jansen!

    Heh. I rebuilt a 1965 engine from scratch and my friends all had bugs or ghias. "Bob" even had a 21 window hippie bus for a while, but traded it in on an Econovan cause he wanted to actually make it up the hills! Every time I see one of these, I regret selling mine. But I did get exactly the same amount for it in 2009 as my dad paid for the same car in 1966.

    Remember the John Muir book How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive? That was my bible for many, many years, and it still resides prominently on my bookshelf.

    Arizona and Mexico are prime bug-hunting territory. When it lived in my driveway, my bug attracted over 150 offers. Unfortunately I needed the money this year and succumbed to the need to sell it. I hope the new owner doesn't chop it too badly. I have known this particular car since it's first sale. A restorer bought it for the initial price of $1600, even though it was not running, nor did it have either of the front seats, original upholstery, front fenders or bonnet. Vee Dubs in the States are quite the resource.

    It is Roman, see above for details. I am liking Aura quite a bit, although I miss the speed and 'green gap' of HIE that made it work as a pure IR film with only red filtration. None-the-less, I am quite satisfied with the 'bathed with light' quality this film has. This is from the last roll I had on hand, but I will buy more as funds allow. It costs $10 a roll from Freestyle.

    Thanks Charlie. I still own a 2000 New Beetle, but it has a blown engine and is sitting in a storage yard 300 miles away. Although it was a piece of junk compared to their old cars, I need to get it back or get rid of it soon!

    Yep, Tormod, the classic, post-war era of the 20th century is well represented by the VW bug. It brings Europe and the New World together in a love for automotion in a way that transcends geography and time.

    Heh. Steve, you make me blush, virtually.


    As you have no doubt read, it's Aura Tim. Not quite the same, but an interesting film in its own right.

    Thanks Jeff! I should stick a roll of this in my Holga, but the last time I put IR film in a Holga I wasted all of a precious roll of HIE. I wonder if the lens transmits IR at all, since it is plastic. That and it's labeled "Optical Lens', suggesting that it only works in the visible range, and not in IR. I should check it out using my IR digital camera.

    Than you all for commenting on this pcture. The IR quality seems to be the point of interest. However I strive to have my IR work seen as just regular photography, instead of being kind of a freak show. I hope this Aura, with it's half-way appeal will allow me to do just that.

    More to come!
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