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"Ghosting" ~ How to?

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by PhotoDawg, May 18, 2005.

  1. I have heard there is a technique called "ghosting" that can be done in Photoshop. I know the user would have to process different layers, but how to get the "ghosting" effect is my real question. Does anyone have a link or any information on how to do this? Here is a shot I found on the internet to illustrate.

  2. sinapps


    Apr 30, 2005
    If you have Photoshop, this is an easy task to accomplish.

    Open the original image. Create a new layer and paste an image that you wish to "ghost" into the new layer. In the Layers controls change the opacity of the layer to 50%.

    You can enhance the way the image is ghosted by selecting different application method. Back to the Layers controls - change "Normal" to "Multiply" to simulate multiple exposure in the darkroom or change it to "Screen" to simulate multiple exposure in camera.
  3. Thanks Rad!! I will give that a try!! :D  :D  :D 
  4. Rad, thanks for the tip.
  5. A very newbie PS attempt - I used two different layers for the baby pics - one for the general pic, and then a stronger opacity layer for the eyes to make them pop a bit, erasing the rest...
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  6. strobel


    Apr 30, 2005
    Algonquin, IL
    Hi Sandi

    I think that looks great. Not to many times do I look at a photo and say wow. I enjoy the photo and the idea, it's fantastic. So good that I may have to steal the idea. I Love it.

  7. Alright, here is my valiant first attempt.....I call it Daydreaming of Momma.

  8. Sandi, that is really nice!! :D  :D  :D 
  9. Wait a sec, that's your dog??? and that's your missus???????? Well, aint you the luckiest bugger alive - she's a looker (and I'm not talking about the mutt either *LOL*)
    Thanks for your kind words about my little baby pic flower! *LOL* It was just something I dreamt up when I discovered layers in PS. Kinda cheesy - should really redo it but like it said, newby's attempt.
  10. tamachan

    tamachan Guest

    Cool idea! The only thing that seems detracting is the 'frame' of each transparent layer. What you might want to try next time is to use a mask:

    1 - Before you set your level of opacity on the transparent layer, click on Layers-Add Layer Mask-Hide All. You'll adjust the master opacity last.

    2 - Reset your pallet colors to white/black -- large feathered paintbrush. Adjust the opacity and flow of the brush from 20-40 percent & adjust them as needed.

    3 - Select your first masked (intended transparent layer, but now invisible due to the mask) layer, and click on the black mask of that layer in your layer pallete. Start painting on the picture with the soft brush.

    4 - once you've painted enough of the picture back in, you can then adjust the layer opacity. If you pulled too much in, you can change the paint color back to black, and paint on the picture. Just make sure that the black mask is selected, NOT the actual picture.

    You're essentially revealing the transparent frame back into the main pic, except the boarder. Try to feather that in a little with the brush.

    Quick example


    I think the end result is a more 'dreamy' effect, which kind of suits the title of your photo...
  11. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Thanks Maki - just going through your steps is a lesson on mask manipulation.

    Dawg - great topic!
  12. tamachan

    tamachan Guest


    You can fine tune the mask as well by going into quickmask mode and applying a gaussian blur to the mask itself to give it a more even transition.
  13. Hey Maki,

    The edges were bugging me too. I just did not know how to blend them in. BUT, now I do!! BTW, great shot. Thanks for the information and the illustration!! I owe you my friend!! :D  :D  :D  :D 
  14. tamachan

    tamachan Guest

    My pleasure ;)  Just passing on techs that I pick up along the way.

    Also, when you start eliminating the edges, you might want to use a (black) hard brush with 100% opacity & fill just to make sure that the edge is completely hidden. I've found that occasionally it would sneak by my first pass... You can check this by turning off (view) all layers except for the one with the mask.
  15. GMolotsky

    GMolotsky Guest

    Maki suggestions are definitely the way to go but if you want another 'alternative' method, you can simple put the new picutes in a layer on top of the photo and use the eraser tool and layer transparency (at variying strenghts) to achieve a similar (albeit not quite as cool) effect.
  16. Thanks again Maki!! :D  :D  .......{cutting and pasting valuable information now!!}
  17. GMolotsky,

    That would be a great option when trying to blend in the picture if the brush does not work out. Depends on the picture I guess!! This is why I enjoy the Nikon Cafe so much!! BTW, great avatar!! :D  :D  :D 
  18. Sandi,

    I agree with your work. Very nice idea!

    The other ones posted here are very nice too. I love them all :) 
  19. GMolotsky

    GMolotsky Guest


    Thanks for the avatar comment, its one of the few pics I have with me and my son since I'm mostly behind the camera. If I get a chance I'll post one I did by the 'erasing' technique.

  20. Hi Bryan:
    By the looks of it you have gotten some really good examples of different ways to do this type of thing.
    As one who has played a little with PS I can tell you that "Gosting" can be done in many different ways and the ways others have talked about will work just fine.
    Just remember that you want to have a (finished) product that will look like a Gost in an image... not a second photo pasted into a photo.
    Here is a (quick) example of what I mean.

    "Shh... Can You Here Them"
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    If you don't want the "GOST" look but still want your second person or item to become part of your completed image just sit back and allow your mind to come up with some possiblities.
    I call this one...


    View attachment 9043
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