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Gitzo 6X question

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Scott Sherman, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. Okay, I am very excited because tomorrow, (actually today since it is 3 am) my new 200-400 is coming and I need to find some nice legs for this baby. I have been doing some research and narrowed it down to the Gitzo 1325 or 1348. At first I thought the 1325 might not be tall enough for me, but after doing some basic math, it seems to be okay (barely). I'm 5'10" maybe another inch or so in Boots. My eyes are actually about 4" less so if you add the height of the camera, head and tripod, the 1325 is just about right fully extended. I like the 3 extensions over the four, but wonder if that extra 3 inches is going to be too much to pack or carry. Probably not.

    Now there is an extra wrinkle. I noticed that Gitzo has come out with a new carbon material called 6x which is not yet available in the 1325 but probably will be in the near future. Does anyone know anything about this 6x improvement or if this is worth waiting for? If neccessary, I can wait if there is a good reason.

    Comments or thoughts appreciated.
  2. JB


    May 27, 2005
    Washington, DC
    Hi Scott,

    I don't know about Gitzo's amazing new material but I can help with one issue. The G1325 should be tall enough for you. I am 6'2" and the G1325 is the perfect height with a ball head, clamp/plate & D2X body.
  3. GeeJay


    Jan 26, 2005

    I use the Gitzo 1325 with the Wimberley Big Head, D2X and I'm 5'9" and it works fine. I also think Gordon Large uses the exact same setup as mine and I think he's probably taller than I. You should ask him. I know he uses the 200-400 as I do.

    Have fun with that new lens and will be looking for your first pictures,

  4. GaryW

    GaryW Guest

    I am in the market for a Gitzo also, so I am interested in this thread.

    In searching B&H, it seems the only 6X tripods are on the low end (support weight wise).
  5. Funny thing about that, I have checked and your right it is only being used on the lighter/ cheaper models. I wonder if they want to test them publicly on these tripods before expanding to the rest of the line. In any even, they are only advertised as being "as sturdy as the current 12 layer CF", so basically all you are getting is possibly a few ounces of reduced weight and the newer models are being priced somewhat higher also.

    My feeling is that the current models are probably going to serve well for many years to come. I am just about ready to order my 1325.
  6. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  7. JeffKohn


    Apr 21, 2005
    Houston, TX
    I don't know about the 6x material but I have heard that some of the models are getting new leg locks that are supposed to be a substantial improvement from the old ones (which actually get quite a few complaints). I don't know specifically which models have/haven't been updated but it might be worth checking out. I personally much prefer the lever locks on my Velbon CF tripod, although I'm finding this tripod (which is very similar to the 12xx series Gitzo) isn't quite as beefy as I'd like for the 200-400.
  8. I use the Gitzo 1325 with Makins M20 head and sidekick with my 200-400 and it is a rock solid setup
  9. TOF guy

    TOF guy

    Mar 11, 2005
  10. What did they do to the twist clamps that is different than on the previous models?
  11. I have both the 1548 and the 1325. I bought the 1548 a few yrs back and this past year got the 1325 to save carrying and traveling with a couple extra pounds...works like a charm and I am 6'3". I use the full Wimberley Head with both the 200-400 and the 500. As for travel both work fine in my roller dufle bag and go in check in luggage. Went to Kenya this past October that way and no problems!:cool: 
  12. skoor

    skoor Guest

    I compared the 6X 1258 vs 1228 and could tell no difference in stability. However, the .4 lb weight was easy to tell. Surprised me!

    The new legs clamps are really fast and easy to use. I think even faster than the Bogen quick clamps. I have an older Gitzo and never could get use to it.

    I got the 1258.
  13. Well I just got myself the 1348 and 1321 levelling head. Since I am 6'2" tall...

    I read about this new 6X system they have, but they do not cover the heavier tripods in weight supported.

    The new 6X is supposed to have a newere anti twist mechanism for the leg locks.. So they don't twist like the current models do when you loosen them and tighten them up...

    The 6x system is just out and they have not made them for the beefier tripods yet.. It might be quite a while before they hit the market...
  14. The leg locks remain the same, at least to outward appearance and function. What is different is that the tubes that make up the extensions have been re-engineered to not spin independantly. The previous design allowed the tube extensions to spin and the top one had to be locked in place or one could not lock the tube below it. In the new design, you can turn any of the twist devices on any tube independantly to lock it which is very efficient and much less frustrating.
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