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Gitzo GT3541XLS vs GT3540XLS

Discussion in 'Other Cool Gear, Camera Bags, Camera Straps' started by Randy, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. i'm getting ready to buy a tripod for my 400 2.8.
    I'll use a Wimberly on it.

    I was all set to get the 3540XLS and then noticed the

    Anyone know the differences ?
  2. The xxx1 model is the "latest and greatest" 2008. The improvements are very minor. The put a plastic washer of sorts between the tripod and your head, which they claim better dampens vibration. There's a set screw in the base plate that you can use to tighten against the bottom of your head/Wimberley and it discourages the head from loosening (it'll put a mark at the head/Wimberley base, of course).

    Finally there's a small metal hook underneath. Unfortunately the hook is a bit overstylized and not very large.
  3. so for the same price I might as well get the newest one then

    thx Bill
  4. No prob. I agree, if they're the same price, may as well get the new one. Certainly will help resale later on.

    Retailers should offer a discount for the xxx0 since it's "last year's model."
  5. Randy, hope the 35xx series works for you. That's a heavy lens/body combo. Not looking to start any tripod wars LOL.

    Many of my friends with 35xx tripods seem to wish they had gone 55xx.
  6. Before you buy, look at the 5540, series6 CF. YOU can dance a jig on the top plate...
    Seriously tho, I always use the 2 "garbage cans" on the front of the lens, 400mm AFS II,(oops, I mean lens hoods) and on mildly windy days I can see movement in the viewfinder, even on the 5540 and Wimb II, everything locked down, but hands off. Over-buy the tripod, never under-buy. Lord knows, when you become famous you'll want to use your 600mmVR and not have to purchase yet another tripod to mount it on.
  7. That's the one I have Randy, and the one most of the shooters I hang out with own. The GT5540LS is awesome. Not much more money and not much heavier as you say, but awfully sturdy with the D3/400/600 combo. I stepped up from the 2540 which was very shaky and needed to be weighted down heavily to attain any stability, and my friends with the 35xx series complain that they can see the image continuing to shake for a second or more after shutter-release when heavy/long focal-length lenses are mounted.

    It's only a little more expensive up front, but becomes much more expensive when you buy a 35xx, only to buy a 55xx a month later LOL.
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