" Give me some exercises to do " !

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  1. I read that statement in a thread about someone who was going to shoot his first wedding and it got me thinking . There are so many variables involved in something like a wedding , even though it's not advisable to do one without experience it happens even if it is just as a second shooter .
    SO : What "exercises" would you give someone who wanted to prepare for something like wedding photography ?
    In my limited experience I would suggest the following :[ using a person or 'mannequin']
    1.) Place the model in bright sunlight , shoot with the sun coming from the side , then the front and then the rear , compare the results of matrix metering and centre weighted metering [ especially with the D80s metering ] .
    make exposure compensation where needed not to blow highlights and then add flash and make negative compensation on the flash until you have a good picture that is not 'over flashed ' . Try it again in manual mode .
    Try adjusting to underexpose the background by 1 stop and adjust flash to make the subject stand out .
    2.) Place the model in a dark setting with side lighting coming in through a window or the door of a barn and do the same again , mainly without flash , but also see how/if you can enhance the picture with a small amount of flash .
    3.) Set the model up in front of a bright window /backlighting . Set the camera manually to expose for the outside and then use bounce flash to light the subject . take the same picture again without flash , expose for the subject , and intentionally blow the highlights in the background and compare the effects .
    4.) At night try again indoors , set manually iso 400 , F5.6 1/30th sec and see if the ambient lighting is captured without looking too bright , adjust speed accordingly [or iso ] to make the ambient look natural .
    Add the flash bounced of the ceiling/walls , try setting the flash back to -1
    so it doesn't show so much .
    5.) Try again in "P" mode , set to -2 [ which will bring back the flash to -2 ] and set flash to +1 [ making it effectively -1] and see if the results do the same for you as '4.)' .

    These are scenarios I would suggest , things that I have played around with to try and better my skills . I may be on the wrong track or giving the wrong advice and welcome correction .
    To those who have better experience and knowledge what "exercises" would you suggest for someone to hone their skills for future challenges ? please share your knowledge and suggestions .