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Giving Back (edited- forgot important people!)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cajun angel, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Part 1 - the setting--
    Yesterday morning (Sat) I went up to Hagerman Wildlife Refuge to do some shooting and despite the flooding I was trying to get a few shots when a truck drove up. It was a family out for a leisure drive. The son had just bought a D40 and didn't know much about how to use it, but was attempting to shoot birds in flight and just about anything else that was pleasing to look at. He had not had much time to learn how his camera works yet. So, after I asked him a few questions about his photography experiences, I then knew I'd have a great opportunity!

    Part 2 - the History--
    Frank (eng45ine) has taught me how to use my camera settings better and over the past few weeks I've been putting that info to use as much as I can. One thing I've learned for sure is to constantly check my highlights and histogram. Of course, WB, ISO, etc.. is also checked.

    I'm adding this in after being kindly reminded that I've forgotten people! :redface: I owe THANKS to Ottrot's Human (Stuart), Clix Pix (Connie), Dave Watts, Dave Dickerson, Mason, SteveK, and if I'm forgetting someone AGAIN, please PM ME! Each one of these people has been so generous in sharing their knowledge, equipment, friendship, and encouragement! There's so many wonderful people on this forum, if I may say it like this ...THANKS TO ALL FROM ALL OVER THIS WORLD FOR BEING SUCH WONDERFUL, CARING, ENCOURAGING PEOPLE!
    Part 3 - the chat--
    We started chatting about our cameras and of course I invited him to join us here at the cafe - well, when he started shooting some egrets that were in full sun, I asked him if he knew about highlights and histograms -nope. Well, to sum it all up, we had a little photography class 101 - just like Frank taught me!

    My point is that I'm so glad to have learned so much from Frank and then to be able to share it with someone else! I'm sad that I don't remember the mans' name, and I do hope he'll visit the cafe - just wanted to tell ya'll what a good feeling it was to be able to give something back!
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  2. Aw, that's a nice feeling for sure, Dianne! I'm an enabler. One of my co-workers was camera shopping in March, and we chatted long and often about different cameras, what sorts of features he wanted, lenses, and all of that. In April, he ordered a D40 with an 18-55 lens. My first convert :biggrin:!
  3. Nice story Dianne!

    Feels good, doesn't it? :wink:
  4. DW Brewer

    DW Brewer Guest

    Just as my byline reads: "Live, learn, and pass it on." I have had the good fortune of having many mentors in my forty years of imaging, both in person, through books and magazines, and online. I rarely pass on an opportunity to live up to that byline. At last count, I have helped start over a dozen people in wildlife/nature imaging.
    At an exhibit where I had images for sale earlier this year, I noticed other exhibitors just sitting back, waiting for "...sales to just happen." I took the opportunity to talk imaging in general, and nature imaging in particular (along with a healthy dose of digital imaging and post-processing). To make a long story short, I made several sales due partly because I took the time to be helpful and engaging (several sales occurred after the event, from follow-up calls by people with whom I made contact through discussions of imaging). There is an old line from advertising years ago (Head and Shoulders shampoo) that I always used with my students, and it is no less true now as then: "you get one chance to make a first impression..."
    Way to go Dianne.
  5. It certainly is, SOmmer! I felt so good about being able to give some useful info for a new Nikon owner! It's always a good feeling when we can help others! Thanks for reading!
  6. You bet it does! Hope the guy really enjoys his new camera too! It's a Nkion! Guess my trip to Hagerman wasn't a complete loss after all! :rolleyes: 
  7. Awwww, shucks! Thanks!:redface:
  8. You're soo right about first impressions! I've had the opportunity to share knowledge more than once and you know, it's a wonderful feeling just being able to share and help others! I've helped sell a few cameras too - too bad they didn't give me the commission! :rolleyes: 
  9. HappyFish


    Oct 19, 2006
    I run a small farm, we have lots of fokes visit with their kids to catch a few fresh trout for dinner. I think I told at least six people about NC this weekend. As I walk around the ponds I try to help fokes set up potos of their kids holding a fish or kissing one so that they will have a really cool photo to send to granny or stick on the frig. When you spend time teaching another about something it is you who learns the most. You can see my fishey farm here www.rainbowranchtrout.com if any of you feel like fish for dinner stop in. We also have some really cool birds at times, and then there are the water lilies in bloom.
  10. Ohhhh, sounds like a place to come and visit! And YEP! I love fresh fried fish right out of the pan! I'll have to show your website to the hubby - dunno if we can swing it this summer, but it's definitely a place to think about! I think in the long run, we learn from those doing the teaching AND doing the learning!:biggrin:
  11. That is great, Dianne. I feel like I am the recipient of quite a bit of help, but I would love to be able to pass along what little I know. You were kind to mention me, by the way.

    I have a friend who is a very good photographer. I keep waiting for him to take the DSLR plunge any day. I am looking forward to it because I don’t hang out with any photographers…what interaction I have is here….but I know he will be able to help me with his years of experience, and I can help him with the techie stuff that I think he is a little intimidated by. He shouldn’t be, he is a programmer! I keep telling him to get over it and jump in like the rest of us.
  12. Well, Mason you were the one that helped me get my jubo attached to my camera - you took the time to do photos and type it all up for me! WOW! I played with the jubo for the first time Saturday morning and love it! I owe being able to share my knowledge to the people who shared it with me! And yeppers, that includes you!
  13. HappyFish


    Oct 19, 2006
    Dianne, skip the vaction and buy you a big chunk of glass! You are due for one! And if you do get up this way dinner is on me. I`ll lite up the grill and toss some fresh trout on and make you the best hush puppies you ever ate! I am going to get my but down to the Loan Star State sooner or later and maybe you can show me some birdes and I will let you all tie into some big glass. Do you have live oaks or bald cypress in your area, Spanish moss? There are so many birds in the bird books that are only in Texas. P.S. On the web site I`m the old bird in the blue canvis cowboy hat and shades.
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  14. LOL, I've already overspent the hubby's budget this year! I bought my 300mm afs 4 and the 18-200mm VR AND a bunch of miscellany stuff. For now, I gotta enjoy what I have and if I get really desparate, I'll just go rent a lens! You're in Georgia? That ain't too far! Who knows, we may be able to take you up on that offer some day! At least I hope we will! As for live oaks and cypress - Texas ain't like Louisiana but there are some around. I don't see spanish moss though. If you make it over here, I'll cook cajun and take ya'll up to Hagerman Wildlife Refuge. You'll love that place! It's never the same twice!
  15. HappyFish


    Oct 19, 2006
    You "cook cajun" and I`ll be dialing 911 ! I`m a total wimp on hot food. I have tried to get use to it but it aint going to ever hapen. Do you have gator gar in your area? I have six in the 180 gallon aquarium behind me. They are one year old and about one foot long. My dad has one over his desk that was 7feet 2 inches and 146 pounds 7 ounces! I will move my pet gar to my pet pond in the next week or so. I have a long nose gar in the same pond that is over 5 feet long and about 30 pounds.
  16. Quite an interesting thread, and lessons to be learned that are often forgotten or misunderstood.

    My first lesson in this regard was from my first boss, a Dutch fellow by the name of Gerrit DeJong. As we 'Mericans just can't say "Gerrit" the right way, he changed his first name to Gary so we wouldn't butcher it :biggrin:. His first piece of advice to me, and one I have kept close to heart and mind for well over 30 years now, is to share all the knowledge I have. As he put it, the best measure of how well he had done his job would be to see me move past him in the company. What a totally awesome piece of advice, from a man that I owe quite a lot too.

    In my life I quite often tell people that I am just about the most selfish person I know. I am often reminded that this can't be true, as I freely share everything I know, well sometimes not my "secret" photography spots :wink:. My response is that every time I do share, pass on, give, I always get far more in return. Sometimes I learn something new just from doing the "explaining". Sometimes it is new knowledge in return. As often as not it is just a smile and "Thank You". But, whatever it is, the return is simply priceless. So, yes, I AM selfish, and in this regard that is not a bad word at all.

    And I'll just bet you that Mr. Happyfish will tell you that not much compares with the return you get from passing something on to a young child, what a total rush.

    Thanks, Diane, for the reminder. Unfortunately, I can never thank all the people who have helped me along the way, as the list is just so long. And anytime I try, I always know that there is someone I have forgotten, and that's not fair to them.

    So, to all of you in my present life, my past lives, and my future who have shared with me and taught me to share, Good On Ya', keep up the good work.
  17. LOL, Robert! Cajun foods aren't always ear-smoking hot! BUT when time comes for us to come over your way, we'll be chatting about what we can bring to go with the meal - like a yummy dessert just to tease ya! :cool:  I haven't seen gator gar here, but know they have em. In Louisiana, yeppers and they do get big! My Dad caught one once when I was a little girl - the thing scared me half to death! Daddy just laughed and threw it back in! :biggrin:
  18. Thanks Bill! I think I forgot you too:redface:after all you were the one that told me about the jubos!:redface: My Dad was always one to share his wealth of knowledge even though he only went through the 3rd grade. I owe my love for wildlife, fresh veggies, and just plain ol' clean country living to him. I may not have grown up the way a lot of kids are today, but one thing for sure, I'm doing my best to pass it on to my kids and anyone else that will listen! Thanks for sharing your story too - and Bill, Thanks for your help too! Sorry I almost forgot about ya!:redface:
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