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Giving up land line and cell for one iPhone?

Discussion in 'Apple/Mac' started by Czechman01, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. I just recently bought an iPod Touch... my FIRST MP3 player and I'm just blown away with it and all the functions built in. I've never been one to embrace technology just to keep up with the Jones's but the convenience of having my whole life on a single device has sold me.

    I've been considering dumping my land line and cell phone and just have everything on an iPhone. I've gone through what I'm spending every month for my phones now and it's just about the same as the *published* rate of $70 per month for the ATT&T service.

    I'd like to hear from anyone who has switched their phone to cell only AND what the actual monthly charge is for service once they add on fees, taxes and godonlyknowswhatall to the published rate.

  2. pirahnah3


    Feb 22, 2008
    I have done this and have had no issues at all with it, why do i want to spend money on a land line that has caller ID buy an answering machine, and then pay for the service when i am already getting all this with my cell.

    One thing to keep in mind is that you might want to look at the unlimited plan if you get alot of house calls. Also i beleive that it is illiegal for telemarketes to use your cell so that might also cutdownon the annoyances. One other thing to consider is your reception if its good then you should be ok, walk around your hosue nad take a look at it. Stay in a room for a bit and try to get into the corners and let the phone sit for a moment and really see what the signal is.

    Mine is great and i love it, i can take my home phone anywhere i go and always know who is calling.
  3. InLimbo87


    Jul 30, 2008
    Orlando, Fl
    I'm a child of the cell phone age, and have never had a landline phone since I moved away from my parents' (4 years ago). My fiancee and I have a combined family plan with AT&T, and we pay $85ish a month for our plan.
  4. I would do this in a minute, if I got decent cell phone coverage at my home.

    Our whole neighborhood is in a 'dead zone'. I am lucky to get any signal in the house. I usually have to walk outside and I get 1 bar, if lucky.

    I also have AT&T cell service.

    I think it would be a great way to same a little green!!

    One thing that I would be concerned about.. if you accidently broke your cell phone, you would be incommunicado until it was replaced.
    Usually, people have multiple house phones and that is not so much an issue.

  5. woody.....
    remember one thing
    if you are going to go to a CELLPHONE-only lifestyle....
    pick one with a much better battery life than the iPhone

    i know you are aware that all power users... which you WILL be, since there will be no land-line... cannot get through the day without a recharge

    just somewhat about which to consider
  6. Greg...

    A regular cell phone?

    You just killed the 'coolness' factor. LOL

  7. Hello,

    I no longer have a land line for my house and carry 2 CrackBerries with Verizon Wireless for personal and ATT for work around with me. Over the years, I've had Sprint, ATT and Verizon service and Verizon works best for me on the personal use side.

    I've seen the iPhone and they do indeed look pretty nifty but its only offered with ATT service. Personally, I would focus on the service provider and your particular needs before I pick out a smartphone. All of my family and most of my friends are Verizon Wireless users, the air time is free 24x7. My communication and online use has evolved. With the Crackberry data plan, I use text/eMail messaging more than voice mail and I surf the local newsites instead, eliminating the need of a daily newspaper subscription too.

    Going wireless is not without it's risks. Lose, break or otherwise damage (like getting wet) the phone and you're offline and out of kilter until the HW and your Address Book is fixed/replaced. I suggest replacement insurance & periodic back-ups to a desktop.

    I don't carry my CrackBerries everywhere all the time while I'm in my house, so I don't hear them buzzing and ringing all of the time.

    Power outages do occur impacting cell coverage and charging ability. The one beautiful thing about a land line and an analog phone is that it works when the power is out.

    Comparing customer service and insurance with the service providers, they all have their challenges, I expect to be treated poorly and to be surprised because I don't read the fine print when I sign up. I've found the time I spend with Customer Service is directly proportional to my frustration level.

    I hope this helps. :smile:
  8. Gene,

    Those are great things to remember. The one that concerns me most is being without phone service for any reason and there have been times when the only thing that worked was my analog phone, but there were also times when my land line died like when my house was struck by lightning last year.

    I guess the cheapest back-up plan would be to have a pre-paid wireless which I have now, TracFone. At 61 and living alone, I'm not going to become a power user... I simply do not make or receive that many calls.

    I'm lucky to live in G3 compatible zone and by looking at the maps, I can't anticipate ever being without service with AT&T. What I don't understand is why instead of cell towers all over the map, why can't they just do one super cell via satellite?
  9. Tektrnica

    Tektrnica Guest

    Id get a iPhone on one condition... my life depended on it... thy are the WORST phones ever made.. all looks, and not much else... you'd be much better getting something solid, reliable and tried and tested... Something like a Series 40 symbian Nokia phone... not the series 60... if its only gonna be used as a phone, why bother with a over priced piece of junk? lol That becomes as uselss as a paper weight if you want to change provider...
  10. What's a land line? :smile: :wink:
  11. I like the cool factor of an iPhone. My wife and I have had verizonwireless for a couple of years without a cell phone. We get good reception at home and have never been in a situation where we are without a phone. If mine phone broke I could always activate my old cell phone to use till I got a new one.

    I still have to fight not getting an iPhone. My wife and I pay $73 a month now and two iPhones would be about $100 more a month, but I still have to fight it. :redface:
  12. I love my 3G iPhone and loved my original first-gen iPhone as well.....but I still prefer to have a landline phone, too. My reasons are similar to those mentioned in other posts above. Somehow I just feel more secure having a "real" phone in each room of the house when I'm at home in addition to having the iPhone in my pocket when I go out....

    As for comparisons of the iPhone against other Smartphones or plain old cellphones.....that's of course an individual choice because each of us has different priorities. Prior to my iPhone I had a couple of different Samsung cell phone models through the years and while they were very nice phones and did the job, I found that I really didn't use them much. I didn't like making calls on them because of the teeny-tiny little buttons, I hated having to put in new contact information and trying to figure out that convoluted system of numbers-for-letters. Trying to access the internet was ridiculous so I didn't bother with that.

    Last year when the iPhone was first announced, I said, "oh, I don't need one -- most of the time I don't even use the cell phone I've got now, why would an iPhone be any different?" Well, after paying more attention to the features and functions that were going to be available on this new device, I decided to get one... I was thrilled with it from Day One and still am. I find the iPhone MUCH easier to use as a phone and of course it's great that I can so easily sync it with all the info in my Macs. Basically, I'm carrying around a small computer in my pocket. I actually USE the iPhone on a daily basis and that is something I sure didn't do with my old cell phones. I get online with it, I show people my photos with it, I listen to my music with it, I view YouTube or other videos with it.....and, oh, yeah, I occasionally make or receive phone calls on it!

    However, much as I adore my iPhone I really would not want to depend upon it as my ONLY telephone device.
  13. Woody

    I have considered doing this as well as my wife and I are very well connected by our cell phones. As I see it, there were two major "issues" to resolve:

    1) Cell phone reception in our home (OK on T-mobile which works on my iPhone)

    2) Whether or not you feel having land line 911 service is of value.

    #2 was the real item that gave me reason to pause. If something goes wrong, you can pickup a land line, dial 911, and pass out ... and help will come. No such luck with cell phones. IP phones (Vonage and so on) use a similar method as land lines and claim to be just as fast as the phone company in getting help on it's way.


  14. JDann24


    Dec 15, 2007
    Garland, Texas
    Do you have anything that supports your claim that the iphone is the WORST phone ever made? I use an iphone on the t-mobile network and it works fine.
  15. Tektrnica

    Tektrnica Guest

    I know 5 people who have had it, and within a week, they all took it back and got rid, plus ive had one... Its all flashyness and cool looking... but prior to the update it didnt even have 3g network capability, the 3 network here did the whole 3G thing quite a few years back its like making a PC these days and stick a 33kb modem in... and not a sign of EDGE... and what about third party software?

    As far as smartphones go, windows mobile is ok, but the best has to be Symbian... the software is amasing and the amount of third party software developers is immense, meaning if you need a bit of software, you'll find it somewhere..

    The iPhone is proof that as long as it looks cool and apple slap a logo on it, people will buy it.. And im not doubting its mp3 player ability... the iPod is the best mp3 player out there... and will be for a long time to come, but the iPhone... nah. lol
  16. I had the first version. I now have the 3G. No problems with either one. My wife now uses the old one and really likes it. She says no comparison between it and the Treo she used to use, the iPhone is hands down better.
  17. I had the original IPhone and was frustrated that they never came out with phone features that made sense, like voice dialing using the bluetooth headset.

    I sold it, bought a Blackberry 8820. It went down to Davey Jones locker and I now have a AT&T Tilt, which is okay. I have found there is no such thing yet as the perfect phone.

    There are trade-offs for each phone. It all in your personal preference as to what you like, just like a photograph. :biggrin:


  18. Comments like this only serve to discredit the poster.

    This thread began with me stating my current use of my iPod Touch's features, how they work for me and asking for opinions from those who have dropped their land line serve and are now cell only.

    If there were a perfect anything, everyone would have it. This is not a discussion about the iPhone vs. the world. Go back and read the original post and please try to stay on topic.
  19. I do agree with the one poster about the 911 thing... I had completely forgotten about that.

    In the event of an emergency, 911 can locate you in a heartbeat on a landline phone.

    Not so on a cell.

    Something to consider.

  20. The 911 thing is indeed a very significant point to consider... perhaps even a deal breaker for me.

    There's bee a lot of good input here and I appreciate it, and hope others have learned something too.
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