Critique Gloomy

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  1. Sorry, the image was posted to the wrong forum... it can be seen here Critique - Gloomy
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  2. I like the composition and treatment. My preference is for more contrasty images but more contrast would likely defeat your purpose. I would never shoot at f22 as diffraction softens the image more than I can tolerate for what I do. At 8mm you'll have more than enough depth of field at f8 or even f5.6 See here: Online Depth of Field Calculator You'd need a neutral density filter to get the same shutter speed, though.
  3. Thanks for your comment Larry. Although I have Lee Filter System and a 10 stop ND filter which is a Lee Big Stopper , unfortunatelly my UWA lens is too convex to attach any filters (or filter holders) in front it. Tha's why I had to shoot at f /22 to get a longer shutter speed.
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