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  1. I'm leaving in an hour for an evening course in Photoshop, offered by a local college. This is the first class I've taken since graduate school in 1980. A college advisor called and wanted to schedule a meeting to help choose a major.

    I told her a didn't want a degree.

    She asked: "Then why are you taking classes?"

    My answer: "I just want to go on Spring Break"

    Got'ta run to buy a notebook and a Scooby Doo lunch box.
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  2. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    I've worked with college advisors. You probably now have a red flag on your permanent record for that remark. :wink:

    Have fun in your class. I take them whenever time allows. It's fun!
  3. She laughed and then I explained that I already graduated and was just taking it for fun. She was very nice about it - no red flag yet.
    I want to learn to work with layers and see what else I can pick up.
  4. Go for it, Electromen! You'll learn a lot I am sure, but be forewarned. You may decide you like it so much that you'll end up taking more classes. That's what happened to me. Happy PSing! :BlueHair:

    aka beaucamera
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