Going on two 'min vacations' in August, need some suggestion

Jul 14, 2005
Philadelphia, PA
Hopefully I'm placing this in the right forum. Sorry if I didn't, moderators! Anyway, I'll be traveling to Niagra Falls, Canada the first week in August for a couple days, and then the third week in August I'm going down to Miami for a couple days. The equipment that I own is in my sig (I also own a tripod that I didn't list). The big no brainer though is purchasing another CF card. I guess I now have an exuse to upgrade to a 1gb card, especially since I shoot mainly with RAW. Lately my 28-80G lens has not been getting the job done. I've been looking into purchasing the 18-70 kit lens or the 28-200 ED lens. However, both are on the expensive side, and I do need money to eat and drink on these trips. The Sigma 28-200 is another lens I've been looking at too. I'm all ears to any suggestion anyone may have! Thanks!
Jan 29, 2005
St. George, Utah
My suggestion would be to not buy lenses just to buy lenses. You have pretty good coverage from 28 to 200mm with the lineup you have. If you want to upgrade your lenses that would be fine but if so I would sell one of your current lens and look to get at 17-55mm or 70-200 VR lens. Both are terribly expensive but worth every penny. Stick with what you have until you can afford one really nice lens. Course that is just my two cents worth.
Feb 2, 2005
Real Name
Hi Nick, I agree with Gordon on this. It's much harder to aquaint yourself AND get the important shots at the same time when you have a new lens.

Of course I'm polling the forum as to what lens I should take on a trip this afternoon myself, so ... but hey - it's do as I say, not as I do, eh? ;)

Oh, PS, if you put your first name in your .sig, we can call you right instead of running back to your intro to find out what it is.
Jan 25, 2005

Good choice. I think that the lenses that you have already are pretty good. In order to get a whole lot better, you would have to move up to the high $$ stuff. When you get ready to make that move, Gordon's suggestions are spot on.

FWIW, I started out with a 512MB on my D70, and it was really really a lot more convenient when I moved to a 1GB. I think your choice is a wise one.

BTW, welcome to the Cafe. Your post here in General is just fine. This is really the best forum for such questions.


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