golf course landscape photography? need help



need some good help, for golf course shots

we want to do hole shots, suitable for large prints and framing
famous gollf course in ne usa

i have limited experience in this type of photography, have the equipement but limited experience

all help is appreciated



I would make sure that you are shooting with at least a 8MP and if you are shooting 6MP that you have something like Genuine Fractals for enlarging the image for print. For big prints you have to make sure you have enough digital information so that you are not getting any pixelization.
Also there are some excellant reference materials on landscape shooting and it would be a good idea to bone up on that.
Since I don't know what you are shooting with and your level of experience I can't help you with anymore than that. Good Luck!
May 5, 2005
Watch the colours and the sun

In my experience, golf courses are most photogenic in the afternoon or in the morning, when the sun is low. That will give you more contrast and much more colour. In the middle of the day, golf courses tend to look flat and uninteresting, since the sun is coming more or less straight from above (depending on where in the world you are, but still).

I suppose you are using digital, but should you use film, a fine grain, a richly saturated positive film (Kodachrome and Velvia spring to my mind) would be the best.


thanks for your help

we are shooting digital


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